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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
Cyber crime : Social awareness a must to control it

Cyber crime : Social awareness a must to control it

Alok Acharja

Uses of technologies are increasing with time. And as the use of technology increases, so varies the nature of crime. We are harassed by technology in many ways.

In between, students are directly bullied in schools by his friends and sometimes by teachers. Harassment of juniors by seniors is often in universities. This type of harassments has now gone under technology.

Here is another problem. We are always in fear. Fear of spreading through social media very often! Many people cannot take this mental stress. Some decides to go to the law enforcement agencies to get rid of the problem and some find peace by suicide.

A very few shares the problem with family members. Social crime and the resulting problems in society are constantly endangering the situation. It is influencing the order of the society. Various crimes in the society are already suffers people and their life is being miserable.

Criminals are deceiving people in new ways. Of course, many crimes are depends on people's faith. Human honesty is now capitalizing! Not only around the country but also the world is floating on the technological tides. Everywhere today information and communication technology is must.

Expensive mobile phones with the modern advantages are in our hand, which made our communication easier. Also, through social media, the eyes of our today’s generation especially teenagers, young women, adults, and the elderly are spending for a large part of the day behind this. At the teenage, new relationships are formed through various types of social media. They are moving to be so called ‘famous’ or popularity and fall down into trap of gang.

Most of which remain out of the family members. Because of that relationship mainly young women are being harassed. They are harassing by capturing a photo of a special moment. Fraudsters or criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to cheat. They are harassing by demanding a huge amount of money. They are doing it several times. With the advancement of technology, various problems are also coming in front of us.

The usefulness of technology depends on how we learn to use it. The country is already suffering from various crimes. Cyber crime is one of them. The country is going through the problems of murder, rape, drugs, theft, robbery, fraud, bribery, corruption etc. These problems are constantly creating new challenges. Cyber bullying is one of the most pressing social issues these days. The sense is modern and many of us may not be familiar with it. However, many have been victims of the incidents under this.

This crime is spreading more due to lack of awareness. According to the research data of Cybercrime Awareness Foundation (CCA Foundation), 50.27% of the victims of cybercrime suffer due to cyber bullying. Only 26.6 percent of cyber bullying victims sought help from law enforcement. The remaining 76.4 percent people do not complain due to fear of public shame. 80.90 percent of victims are between 18 and 30 years old.

According to the research report, 43.22 percent of the victims are male. And the number of women is 56.78 percent. These cyber criminals are targeting women and female child from different walks of life.
They are demanding money by blackmailing them.

Fraudsters are spreading this kind of fraud from home. "Police Cyber Support for Women" has been launched as an initiative of the police to ensure the cyber security of women.

The country has become digital in keep peace with the world. The field of technology is constantly improving. The benefits of technology are reaching everyone. In this situation we have no option to keep pace with technology. With technology, criminals are exploiting that advantage, capitalizing on people's weaknesses and deceiving people in new ways.

Those webs of deception are terrifying. This is also an aspect of the moral decay of the new generation. Among these crimes, cyber bullying, propaganda, rumors, harassment, threats, gang culture, pornography etc. many other types of crimes are rising and growing tension of the society. The number of cases filed due to cyber crime is increasing every year. It is understood that the number of these cyber crimes and the number of criminals are increasing.

The types of crime that used to be now are increasing with technology. But we need to reduce such crimes. That will be possible when we build a relationship of trust because many of these crimes begin with a trusting relationship. It is on the basis of that relationship that the criminal once breaks the trust and takes the partner's trust hostage. It first inflicts a kind of trauma on the victim which leaves him mentally disturbed.

Then a completely new kind of situation is faced. They Can't even tell anyone at first. There is also the opposite scene. Many are complaining at the beginning of the problem. Our present generation is growing up in an environment where technology is the mainstay.

It is impossible to keep them away from technology. They don't know when they are making a mistake and they can be bullied because of that mistake.

In most cases, those who are being bullied try to suppress the incident by not telling their parents, friends or teachers first. But when the harasser or perpetrator of cyber bullying becomes more stressed, he can do something terrible and unexpected.

So we should interact with our children in such a way that they share their deepest problems with us. They can be warned about such crimes and need to be taught what to do in such situations. There is no substitute for awareness to reduce cyber crime.

The writer is an Essayist and freelance writer, Pabna

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