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Sunday, 16 June 2024
Cover unwrapping of world's largest handwritten Quran : Govt to support global campaign: Religious Minister

Cover unwrapping of world's largest handwritten Quran : Govt to support global campaign: Religious Minister

Staff Correspondent

The world's largest handwritten Al-Quran is now in Bangladesh. Three energetic entrepreneurs -M. Iftekhar Mahmud, Md. Motahar Hossain and Md.Ibrahim Noman have written this holy Quran by hands and this special initiative is going to make a world record.

Madrasa student Kaushar Ahmad has done the responsibility of writing Quran Sharif. In more than a year, he completed the largest Quran Sharif written by a single hand with tireless efforts. The entrepreneurs said that the purpose of writing this holy book is to please Allah and increase the image of Bangladesh in the world.

The organizing committee is considering it as the largest Quran Sharif by reviewing other handwritten Quran Sharif in the world.

14 feet in length and 12 feet in width, the Quran Sharif recorded in two hundred pages would weigh about 800 kg i.e. 20 maunds. Bamboo pen and Doat ink were used as ink for writing this holy book. This Quran Sharif has been mentioned as the largest Quran Sharif in the world. This handwritten Quran Sharif design and beautification is done by Arif Billah Khan. Other cooperation was given by Md Masum Parvez.

Religious Minister Faridul Haque Khan MP after unwrapping the handwritten holy Quaran said in a function organized on the occasion of completion of writing of Quran on Thursday , the government will provide all kinds of support to spread the matter worldwide. He said, religious makes people sophisticated. People are purified by practicing religion. I hope that the image of Bangladesh will shine in the world through this kind of writing.

The Minister was present as the chief guest in the event organized at the National Press Club. Ustazul Huffaz Hafez Abdul Haque Da. or (Hafi) presided over the function and world-renowned Qari Sheikh Ahmad bin Yusuf Al-Azhari was as a special guest and many national scholars were also present. Holy Quran recitation and welcome speech was given by Sheikh Ahmad bin Yusuf Al Azhari.

It is said that gold, silver, bronze, wood, steel, SS, foam will be used in the cover and design of the largest Quran Sharif. As the organizer of handwritten Quran exhibition at the press conference, the committee president SM Iftekhar Mahmud, Vuce President Md. Motahar Hossain and Editor Mohammad Ibrahim Noman officiated.

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