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Sunday, 14 July 2024
Court warrant against man who beat up rickshaw puller in Juri

Court warrant against man who beat up rickshaw puller in Juri

Juri (Moulvibazar) Correspondent

The court has issued an arrest warrant against a youth named Manik Mia in the case of beating up a helpless rickshaw puller in Juri upazila of Moulvibazar. Moulvibazar Senior Judicial Magistrate First Court Judge Misbahur Rahman issued this order on Sunday (September 18).

It is known that the police arrested Manik Mia from Juri Bazar for beating up a rickshaw puller on the night of March 4 last year. After being released on bail, he fled to the Middle East.

The family of the rickshaw puller who suffered brutal torture is happy with the order of the learned court based on the evidence after a long case. Manik is the son of Alfaz Ali of Belagaon village in Jaifarnagar union of the upazila.

According to the case and police sources, a woman named Rujina Begum took two lakh taka for taking rickshaw driver Safiq abroad. After taking the money, he kept wasting time by showing various excuses. Pressed for money, on the night of February 16 last year, Rujina Begum's cousin Manik and his brother Alamgir forcibly took the rickshaw puller Safiq from the house and beat him up in Continala area. Locals rescued him from there and took him to the hospital and gave him first aid. The next day his physical condition deteriorated and he was admitted to the government hospital.

On that day, apart from beating Safiq, they attacked his mother and wife and took away two mobile phones.

Later, the rickshaw driver Safiq filed a case against three people at the Juri police station on March 4 last year, and the police chief arrested the accused Manik.

Moulvibazar Senior Judicial Magistrate First Court APP Advocate Vasudev Bhattacharya confirmed the court's warrant against Manik and said that the court had taken the testimony of two witnesses in this case a few days ago.

On Sunday (September 18), the court took the testimony of two more people. In the next few days, the court will take the testimony of the investigating officer and the doctor and give the verdict.

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