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Friday, 14 June 2024
Court orders withdrawal of SMC Plus drinks from markets

Court orders withdrawal of SMC Plus drinks from markets

Court Correspondent

A court in Dhaka ordered the withdrawal of SMC Plus electrolyte drinks from the market.

The Dhaka Pure Food Court Judge Alaul Akbar passed the order on Sunday morning.

The court also fined Tanveer Sinha, owner of ACME Agrovet and Beverages Ltd, which produces SMC Plus orange and lemon-flavoured electrolyte drinks, Tk 16 lakh on charges of unauthorised marketing and sale of electrolyte drinks.

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) food safety inspector Kamrul Hasan confirmed the matter.

On Tuesday, Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) Inspector Mohammad Kamrul Hasan, filed a case in the Pure Food Court against five companies for selling unauthorizsed electrolyte drinks harmful to human health.

Following this, the court summoned the owners of SMC Plus, Pran's Aktive+ Electrolyte Drink, Brüvana, Recharge Electrolyte Drink, and Turbo Energy Drink.

On Sunday morning, ACME's head, Tanveer Sinha, appeared in court, pleaded guilty, and sought bail.

Meanwhile, he informed the court that it happened without his knowledge. He apologized for this mistake

Later, the court fined him Tk16 lakh and ordered the withdrawal of all SMC Plus products from the market.

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