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Thursday, 23 May 2024
Conspiracy against talented Ship Surveyor Abul Basar of Shipping Department

Conspiracy against talented Ship Surveyor Abul Basar of Shipping Department

Staff Correspondent

A vested quater has been hatching conspiracy and launching propoganda against Md. Abul Basar, a professional, skilled and experienced Marine Chief Engineer. Currently he is working as Engineer and Ship Surveyor and Examiner in the Department of Shipping.

He is the only Marine Engineer in Bangladesh who has obtained PGD on Executive Maritime Management and Masters in Maritime Affairs specializing in Maritime Energy Management from the World Maritime University, Sweden, established by the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) and he is currently pursuing his PhD on Maritime Governance from the same university which is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. But very sadly, such a smart and talented, patriotic, honest and talented government official is also being harassed by a vested quarter.

As Mr Basar is currently one of the contenders considered for promotion to the post of Chief Engineer in the Department of Shipping, an unscrupulous circle is hatching various conspiracies against him and some disreputable newspapers and online are allegedly running false, fabricated and motivated propaganda.

One year ago, this talented officer was denied promotion to the post of Controller of Maritime Education (CME) in the Department of Shipping despite being the first in the seniority list due to the conspiracy of these vested quarter. The fourth officer in the gradation list was posted to that post.

When asked about this, he said, some people are jealous for professional reasons and lied against me again. Now they are lying about my personal life without any proof.

I have a good reputation in providing all types of government services including seafarers examination in Bangladesh. Under the supervision of the Director General and the Chief Examiner, I have taken various initiatives under the supervision of the Director General and the Chief Examiner to make the examination management of the Engineering Unit in the Department of Shipping transparent and corruption-free. There is no need to spend money to pass the examination now. The examination is being conducted on time as per the rules. Candidates who are not studying are not getting a chance to pass even by money or any pressure.

Earlier, an organized brokerage circle was engaged in various types of test trading on these tests. Due to our strategic and strong anti-corruption stance, corruption by brokers at Shipping Department has been completely reduced. We have already arrested some miscreants with the help of law-enforcers and brought them to justice.Following the consequences, this gang of brokers have become reckless and has been conspiring to harm me and some honest officials of the Department for a long time. We have information that there are two dishonest officers involved in the corruption in the Shipping Department whose misdeeds will be brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities in future.

The engineering examination system of the Department of Shipping is now completely corruption-free with no scope for irregularities. This circle is indulging in a mischievous attempt to gain personal benefits by making this transparent examination system controversial . By doing this, the seafaring certificates issued from Bangladesh will lose their value in the international world and the seamen of Bangladesh will be deprived of the jobs of many big shipping companies in the world and the country will lose the opportunity to earn billions of dollars of foreign exchange.

It is important to bring such criminals to justice. Besides, the conspirators tried to discredit my previous professional experience. I have worked in many reputed shipping companies of the world for a long time with great skill. People who have appreciated my skills and many take my technical advice here on various complicated issues.

Mr. Basar said, they didn't stop talking bad about me, they are also lying by making my late father a grocer, which is very inhumane and very sad. My father was a very honourable and philanthropic man. He retired as an honest civil servant in the Department of Lands, Government of Bangladesh and died seven years ago. Before joining the government service, he was directly involved in politics with various organizational posts at thana and college level of pre-independence and post- independence Bangladesh Awami League affiliated organization Bangladesh Chhatra League and participated in the Liiberation War of 1971 including the 6-point movement of 1966, 1969 people's coup, which was very significant in creating the context of Bangladesh's independence. Participated in the Liberation War as an associate member of Karimganj thana in Kishoreganj district of Mujib Sena.

By spreading false information about my father, they have dishonored me and my social status has been destroyed. Professional Marine Engineer Basar demanded exemplary punishment to the journalists who have committed this heinous act.

It is to be noted that the so-called journalists who are running these propaganda against him, no one is able to provide evidence even when asked to do so and they are also keeping their identities secret. Mr Basar said, he will take legal action against those who defame him and his family.

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