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Sunday, 26 March 2023
Cold-related patients increased in Rangamati Hospital

Cold-related patients increased in Rangamati Hospital

Pinky Akhter, Rangamati

Cold -related patients has increased due to winter in the hilly region of Rangamati.

The number of cold patients is increasing due to the onset of winter. Many patients are admitted to the hospital with diarrhoea, pneumonia and breathing problems.Most of the victims are childrenAlong with children, adults are also affected by these diseases.

Rangamati General Hospital authorities are struggling to cope with the increased patient pressure.

According to hospital data, patient pressure has increased in the outpatient department as well as the number of admitted patients.130-150 patients are being admitted to the 100-bed Rangamati General Hospital every day.

There is a shortage of seats as there are more patients than beds.As a result, forced to provide medical care on the floor.Among the admitted patients, the number of patients suffering from fever, cold, cough, diarrhea, respiratory diseases is more.

About two hundred patients are being admitted to the outpatient and emergency department of Rangamati Hospital every day.Doctors and staff are struggling to provide medical services as more patients are admitted than the capacity of the hospital.Also, the doctor's chambers in the pharmacies of the city are under pressure from patients suffering from cold-related diseases.

Dr. RMO of Rangamati General Hospital. Shaukat Akbar said that patient pressure has been increasing in the General Hospital for the past two weeks.At this time, cold-related diseases including asthma, bronchitis and influenza increase.Especially in the hospitals, children with winter diarrhea, heart patients and asthma patients in men's wards have increased.

Currently 250 patients are admitted in the 100-bed hospital.But there is no shortage of treatment. So there is no death.So there is no death.We are trying to provide proper treatment.However, due to shortage of adequate beds, medicine and manpower, it is a bit difficult.

Rangamati General Hospital pediatrician Dr. Julia Vikarun said that the children who are coming to the hospital due to cold-related diseases are being treated. Especially the children of those families who cannot prevent cold well, are more affected. Therefore, she advised the parents to pay extra attention so that the children do not catch cold. doctor

The condition of other upazila health complexes in Rangamati is similar. Diarrhea, pneumonia and bronchitis cases in children have increased. Diarrhea and respiratory diseases have also increased in the elderly.

Rangamati Civil Surgeon Bipasha Khisa said, Rangamati upazilas are very remote. The severity of winter is felt there more than the district headquarters. Apart from this, the people who are there are not so aware. So getting more affected by cold diseases. However, those who are coming to the hospital are not going back without treatment. So no death toll at all.

To save the elderly and children from the cold, besides the awareness of the family, the doctors advise to take extra care of the children, including the use of warm clothes. Besides, if the public awareness of field level health workers is increased in remote hilly areas, the number of cold patients will decrease.

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