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Friday, 12 April 2024
Causes and remedies for heart disease patients during Ramadan

Causes and remedies for heart disease patients during Ramadan

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain mazed

The holy month of Ramadan is going on. Like others, many heart disease patients are also fasting. However, at this time, undoubtedly, all heart disease patients get a little worried about food and diseases during the month of RamadanHeart disease is a complex disease with dire consequences in many cases.

In view of which intelligent people take precautions to prevent heart disease and try to get well by taking proper treatment if they suffer from heart disease. The human body is a structure which Allah Ta'ala has created with a kind of potentiast or ability, due to which a person can do many things, but after a period of life i.e. middle age (50 years) the physical ability of a person gradually decreases, so the elderly people who are very Weak, their fasting is correctwill not nothing of the kind Because they can get sick more quickly if they starve for a long time.

We doctors use many types of medicine as a tool to treat heart disease in heart patients. As a result of fasting, if we consider that the deviation in taking these medicines will increase the patient's illness. That should be taken care of. Apart from this, blood sugar control, cholesterol level control of the patient is very important as additional precautions for heart patients. We prioritize these two things in fasting. People with heart disease who are at risk such that fasting can lead to uncontrolled blood sugar-cholesterol should not fast.

Those who are suffering from heart disease due to heart failure means swelling of the legs as a complication of heart disease or are suffering from breathing problems due to heart disease, taking food and medicine during fasting (uncontrolled blood pressure and heart blood flow problems etc.) must be taken into considerationAs deviations lead to worsening of their illness, it is better not to fast in patients with heart failure. A healthy adult can be tested to maintain his health by fasting and to increase his physical fitness in children of growing age.

Such exercise of physical fitness for one month in a year plays a major role in improving the physical fitness of the fasting person and protecting his health. Because Islam is always a modern religion and every provision of it is built for human welfare. Overeating during fasting is not recommended. Because many people in our society reduce the amount of work and rest in Ramadan and such people are at risk of health. People who are overweight (obese) must take active steps to lose body weight by controlling food intake during fasting. That means you will lose the body fat you have accumulated in the last 11 months. If one starts it from childhood i.e. the age of fasting, then there will be no danger of obesity. Fasting is the instruction of Allah and by observing it correctly, we can use the elements of physical health from it and get a healthy and disease-free life.

> Causes of heart disease: Many reasons are responsible for heart disease. Such as age, gender, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, family history, obesity, low physical activity, unconsciousness in food intake, high blood pressure, high lipids, diabetes etc. The risk of heart disease can be greatly reduced by making some changes in lifestyle, regular walking or physical activity, being a little conscious about food and preventing diseases like high blood pressure, high lipids, diabetes etc.

> At what age can it be? Heart disease can occur at any age. But generally, elderly people are more vulnerable to this disease. Serum cholesterol levels generally increase with age. 82 percent of people over the age of 65 with heart disease die from heart disease. After the age of 55, the risk of having a stroke doubles. Again, the elasticity of the arteries decreases with age, resulting in coronary artery disease.

> Who could it be? Men have a higher risk of heart disease than reproductive women. After the reproductive period, men and women are equally likely to develop heart disease. If a woman has diabetes, she is more likely to develop heart disease than a man with diabetes. In middle-aged people, men are about 5 times more likely to develop coronary heart disease than women. Gender disparity in heart disease is mainly due to hormonal differences.

> Signs and symptoms of heart disease:- Chest, back, stomach, throat, left arm pain, neck or jaw pain and discomfort may be felt. Shortness of breath, unbearable pain in the upper part of the stomach. Head may feel lightheaded.

> What can be done to prevent heart disease:- Heart disease can be of various types, such as congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, high blood pressure heart disease, heart disease due to low blood circulation in the heart, heart disease due to weakness of the heart muscle, etc. Being careful to prevent heart disease has much better results. Here are some things you can do to prevent congenital heart disease and other heart problems:-

> What can be done to prevent congenital heart disease:-
MMR Injection should be given to the mother at least three months before conception, if the pregnant mother has high blood pressure or diabetes must be treatedIf you are in the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, you must give it up. Before taking any medicine during pregnancy, you must consult an experienced doctor.

> Some suggestions for heart patients:- Fried foods are eaten more during the fasting month. maybe
If you have the habit of smoking and drinking, you must give it upBefore taking any medicine during pregnancy, an experienced doctor must be consulted.

> Some suggestions for heart patients:-
Fried meat is eaten more during the month of fasting. Maybe someone will eat Halim. But he should take care that it contains a lot of salt, calories and fat. Even if you eat a lot of onions and violets, you will eat a lot of oil or fat. Instead of eating more fruits every day, soaking raw chickpeas, just two onions, little chickpeas does not cause much problem. It is not right to eat too much of what is eaten after Sahri, Iftari or Tarabi.
One thing that those who have problems with diabetes along with heart disease should keep in mind that the main medicine for diabetes or heart patients should be taken only after iftar. If most of the diabetes medications are taken during Sahri, fasting throughout the day may lead to hypoglycemia or increase heart problems. Apart from that Sahri may be missed without sleeping on time

If broken, but there is absolutely no possibility of missing Iftar. So Suhri time medicine may be missed, but Iftar time medicine will not be missed.
For those who have abnormal heart beat, they should be careful if the beat increases or decreases if they fast! If it increases, then fasting is not valid until that problem is resolved.
There is no problem in eating a little curd and crackers during Iftar, a little chicken meat, vegetables and pulses after Tarabi. Sahri is also good to eat with white rice, fish, pulses, moderate amount of chicken. However, red meat can be avoided as much as possible or consumed in small quantities.

> Exercise:-Many people want to know whether a heart or diabetic patient should walk while fasting? In their case, the statement is that daily 20 rakat Tarawi prayers are enough exercise. So walking is not so important at this time. It not only calms the mind but also calms the body. Fasting helps to keep the metabolism clean. For this reason, it will work even if you eat moderately, fast, or walk. But after fasting, you should go back to the habit of walking as before.

> Some information:-Many want to know, heart patients who have to apply Citred spray under the tongue can be used while fasting or not? Although there is disagreement about it, the scholars say that since it is not food, it does not break the fast if it is sprayed under the tongue. Taking inhalers, insulin or injections does not break the fast.
* If you fast or don't eat for a long time, cholesterol levels and blood pressure decrease. But the problem is, on the one hand, there is no eating, on the other hand, so much fried food is eaten that on the contrary, the level of these can increase. For this reason, many people have gained weight during fasting by eating these foods.
* Patients who have undergone bypass surgery can safely fast after taking medicine as they have received treatment. However, it is better not to fast for at least one month for those who have had an operation, a ring (stent) has been installed a few days ago. If you are healthy with treatment, you can fast after two weeks.
* Those who have had a major heart attack and are at home receiving treatment should not fast for at least a month after the attack. Because the heart muscles that are damaged due to the attack, it takes four to six weeks to recover.
* Many people do not want to take more medicine during fasting. In that case, without taking a decision on your own, the dosage of the medicine can be changed on the advice of the doctor.
* Finally remember this, when your body says it is suffering then remember Allah is Merciful, He is the Most Merciful. Then break the fast and take medicine.

>Homeosolutions:-The patient is treated not the disease, so an experienced doctorAccording to Hahnemann's homeopathic rules, treatment of any complex and difficult disease, including heart disease, is possible with the grace of God, if the treatment is based on the individual's individuality, the physical symptoms, the group and the metal.
> Home Remedies:- Remedies of first choice by experienced physicians, Cratigus, Arum metali cum, Adonis vannalis, Arjuna, Arnica montana, Glonoin, Vanadium, Lachesis, Digitalis, Belladonna, Pazillia, Enthelmia, Najatripudiums, Nux vumica and many more. Medicines can come on symptomsIt is very important to be healthy during the month of Ramadan in order to perform the daily tasks properly in addition to the religious rules.

The writer is a, Founder Chairman, Jatiya Rogi Kallyan Society

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