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Friday, 12 April 2024
Cauliflower cultivation gains momentum in Shibganj

Cauliflower cultivation gains momentum in Shibganj

Shibganj (Bogura) Correspondent

Shibganj Upazila of Bogura is famous for its vegetable stock.

The soil of this area is very fertile. All types of crops can adapt to any climate.

Cauliflower is cultivated even in summer in this upazila due to the weather conditions and modern agricultural technology. Cauliflower is mainly a winter crop. But due to the good price of summer cauliflower, farmers are getting interested in cauliflower cultivation day by day. Farmers are happy as the yield is lower than in winter but the prices are good in a short period of time.

According to Upazila Agriculture Office sources, summer 'Ninja' and 'Mukti' varieties of cauliflower have been cultivated on 155 hectares of upazila land. Cultivation of summer cauliflower is more in Deuli, Mokamtala, Rayanagar and Shibganj Sadar Union of upazila. Although the weather is not favorable this year, farmers are cultivating summer cauliflower with the hope of getting good prices.

It has been seen that the farmers are spending busy time tending summer cauliflower in Medinipara, Bakson, Sadullapur, Rahbal, Khamarpara, Harirampur villages of the upazila. Rabiul Aouwal, a farmer of Medinipara village, said, I have planted cauliflower seedlings of 'Mukti' variety in one and a half bigha land. The tree grew in good shape. I hope to be able to sell cauliflower before one month.

This farmer also said that he is spending about 40 thousand taka in total to cultivate cauliflower on one and a half bigha land. Shibganj Upazila Agriculture Officer Al Mujahid Sarkar said, we are always encouraging farmers to grow safe high value crops. Summer cauliflower cultivation is quite profitable.

At present, the price of cauliflower per maund is 2600 to 2800 taka. Farmers are being encouraged to use modern farming practices and modern technology to transform existing agriculture into smart agriculture.

Summer cauliflower, summer tomato etc. are being cultivated in this upazila through exhibition.

Upazila Agriculture Office has been providing all kinds of technical assistance and necessary advice to the farmers in summer cauliflower cultivation.

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