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Friday, 14 June 2024
Cancer Awareness Seminar which was held in East West University

Cancer Awareness Seminar which was held in East West University

Staff Correspondent

Cancer is a global disease and is spreading rapidly. Healthcare systems across the world are facing stiff challenges to tackle this issue. In low- and middle-income countries, patients with cancer generally have a poorer prognosis compared with patients in high-income countries. Lack of awareness contributes to the late reporting of cancer cases to the healthcare facility.

Data from four major centres in Bangladesh showed that the majority of individuals with cancer seek healthcare for the first time at late stages. The importance of cancer awareness has been emphasised as a means of ensuring behaviour that facilitates early detection, whereas the absence of cancer awareness has been seen as a threatening to this end. Delay in health-seeking is also attributed to factors such as illiteracy, financial constraints, as well as myths and superstitions along with lack of awareness and these go hand-in-hand, most of the time.

Keeping these issues in mind East West University's Biotech Club, recently hosted a groundbreaking seminar titled "Building a bridge between academia and clinical sector for better management of increasing rate of Bangladesh" This event wasn't just about raising awareness – it was a call to action, urging collaboration between academia and the clinical sector to revolutionize Bangladesh's fight against cancer.

The renowned speakers served as guiding lights. Prof. Dr. Zafor Md. Masud didn't just discuss breast cancer; he painted a advancing picture of resilience with a and shared a touching story about a survivor woman who beat it. He shattered the silence surrounding male breast cancer, reminding us that this fight transcends gender. Dr. Mustak Ibn Ayub, a torchbearer in molecular oncology, exploring the genetic roots of cancer. He offered a roadmap to prevention, emphasizing the power of healthy habits. But Dr. Ayub didn't stop there. He unveiled a glimpse of the future – groundbreaking therapies like CRISPR and gene therapy – illustrating how cutting-edge biotechnology can be interlinked into the fabric of Bangladesh's clinical landscape.

Sending deepest gratitude to the speakers who shared their invaluable knowledge. A special thanks to Prof. Dr. Shams Rahman, Vice Chancellor of East West University, who was chief guest in our conversation. We are immensely grateful to Dr. Suraia Nusrin, Dr. Murshida Mahbub, Dr. Md. Hamed Hussain, Dr. Afsana Bhuiyan Toma, Nusrat Jahan Antora, Md. Taufiqul Islam, Md. Anwar Hossain Adib and the respected faculties of the pharmacy department for their unwavering support.

The fight against cancer transcends the walls of academia and hospitals. It's a fight we can all be a part of. By fostering collaboration between these sectors, we can build a bridge that connects lifesaving knowledge with effective treatment. Let's keep learning and fighting together to make our country healthier.


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