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Tuesday, 31 January 2023
Brother-in-law killed by sister-in-law in Ramgarh

Brother-in-law killed by sister-in-law in Ramgarh

Md Masud Rana Joy, Khagrachari

A complaint has been filed against Deepak Chandra Ghosh Munna (38) named Deepak Chandra Ghosh Munna (38) next to Balturamtila Ward No. 1 Liquor Factory of Khagrachari Ramgarh Municipality along with his friends Akash Tripura and Rubel Tripura.

Sagar Tripura is suspected of murder by Ramgarh Police StationPolice arrested.Rakhal Chandra Ghosh, the father of deceased Deepak Chandra Ghosh, said that Deepak and his wife have been having various family problems for 3 years, a meeting was held at the Upazila Chairman's office a few months ago to resolve the problem.

A working in Garments, we go to fetch him again and again, he doesn't come, at some point they both decided to divorce, after that Deepak had an argument with Shala Sagar Tripura (22), Sagar took some of his friends with him.

On Monday night at approximately 11.50 hours, Deepak went to the house from the shop in the areaOn the way, he was seriously injured in the head with a native weapon in Lichu Bagan area, later when the people of the area came forward after hearing his screams, the assailants fled, with the help of the local people, Deepak was admitted to the Ramgarh Government Hospital for treatment, later Deepak died in the hospital.

Deepak's father Rakhal Chandra Ghosh also said that my son was killed by his wife and Shala.According to the Deputy Inspector (SAE) of Ramgarh Police Station Mohammad Samchul Haque.

It is learnt from preliminary information that the murder may be due to a family dispute, Shala Sagar Tripura of the deceased has been arrested on suspicion of murder, the body has been sent to Khagrachari Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. The investigation is ongoing and the case is in process.

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