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Monday, 15 July 2024
Book on 'The Rohingyas: A Long History of Genocide

Book on 'The Rohingyas: A Long History of Genocide" launched

Staff Reporter

Barrister Solaiman Tushar's research book 'The Rohingyas: A Long History of Genocide' has been launched. The event was held at Amar Ekushe Granthmela premises on Saturday.

Southeast Asian history researcher Altaf Parvez, AFP Bureau Chief Shafiqul Alam, human rights activist and refugee expert Asif Munier, Barrister Solaiman Tushar, Barrister Md Kausar, Advocate Md Hasanuzzaman Biplob, Publisher of Karubak Publications Golam Kibria, former Chairman of Kutupalong Refugee Camp Mohammad Imran, Teacher of the Rohingya Community Mohammad Taher and many others were present and gave their speach.

The book is published by Karubak Publication. The speakers demanded to ensure the rights of Rohingyas. They demanded the United Nations to fulfill its responsibility. They urged the international community to come forward so that Myanmar immediately takes back the Rohingyas.

Speakers requested the international community to come forward to put pressure on Myanmar.

The foreword of the book was written by the former Chairman of Dhaka University's Bengali department, social analyst, literary critic and political thinker Professor Abul Quasem Fazlul Haq.

The book is available at stall number 202 of Karubak Publicationl since the first day of the Amar Ekushe Book Fair.

Apart from this, order is available from Rokomari. com.

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