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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
BNP only chases power, doesn’t pay heed to public sufferings: Inu

BNP only chases power, doesn’t pay heed to public sufferings: Inu

Staff Correspondent

Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting and Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal President Hasanul Haq Inu said BNP is only chasing power but doesn’t pay any heed to people’s sufferings and distresses.

“Our government is making all-out strides to lessen people’s sufferings induced by global crisis. I hope, the government must soothe the people after facing the global crisis as like as it did during the coronavirus crisis,” he said.

Inu said these while talking to reporters in the capital this afternoon.

Bangladeshi is going through an economic crisis due to global situation and the people are also suffering for that, he said adding that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government has taken various measures to lessen people sufferings.

“Under such circumstances, we expect those who are criticising us and shouting for government changeover would give us a constructive proposal to get rid of the economic crisis,” Inu said.

But it is matter of sorrow that BNP is creating political unrest without discussing how to face the crisis, he mentioned.

“At this moment I think it is very essential for the nation to face the economic crisis. Election remains far away. Before shouting for elections and government changeover, if they provide a positive proposal to lessen economic crisis, we can take measures on the basis of their suggestions,” he said.

“We would have been very happy, if Mr Fakhrul (BNP secretary general) gave us a positive formula to reduce the price of rice, pulse oil, salt and eggs. I think it is not a time to make razzle-dazzle over polls and government changeover. Rather it is time to bring peace in people’s mind, face global crisis and reduce prices of essentials. And the government is doing the task,” he said.

So, political unrest will not bring any solution rather it will multiply public sufferings, he said.

BNP and others, who are criticising the government over the last one year, are only talking about government changeover, he said.

Inu said those who are making criticism now were in state power in the past. “None of them are the angel (feresta). They don’t have any magic wand. So, they don’t give any suggestion for resolving economic crisis,” he said.

About Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir’s comment “The government is searching path for safe exit”, the Jasad president said no such sign is noticed rather the government is taking preparations to help the Election Commission conduct the national polls as per the constitution.

To maintain the constitutional continuation in the country, national elections must be held within due time and every party should take part in it, he said.

Those who will not join polls, they actually do politics of conspiracy in the country, he mentioned.

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