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Monday, 25 September 2023
BNP’s complaints to foreign countries didn’t yield any results: Quader

BNP’s complaints to foreign countries didn’t yield any results: Quader

Staff Correspondent

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader on Sunday said the BNP’s movement has now entered its 15th year and its complaints to foreign countries did not yield any results.

He made the remarks while addressing a commemoration meeting held in Naogaon, marking the 10th death anniversary of AL leader Abdul Jalil.

“They daydream about coming to power every day. Complaining to America and Europe didn’t yield any results. BNP doesn’t have support from the general people,” he said.

Spreading falsehood is their only weapon, said Quader adding they criticize Sheikh Hasina based on falsehood and want to oust her from power.

About the ongoing energy crisis and hike in commodity prices, Quader said the critical global situation is to blame for current hardships.

“The world’s instability caused by sanctions, war, and new conflicts is responsible for the current situation. The increase in fuel and commodity prices is a global problem,” he said.

He praised PM Sheikh Hasina and said, “PM only sleeps 3 hours a day. She dedicates the remaining 21 hours to the nation’s progress. Her focus is on country’s economy and the wellbeing of common people.”

“Her recent Washington visit was to attend a World Bank event, not to log complaints. But Fakhrul can’t stop making false statements about her visit. Lies are their only weapon,” he added.

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