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Friday, 24 May 2024
Bid to shift Janata Bank from business centre protested in Sundarganj

Bid to shift Janata Bank from business centre protested in Sundarganj

Sundarganj (Gaibandha) Correspondent

A human chain was held to protest the attempt to relocate the Janata Bank Limited branch located in Mirganj Bazar, one of the commercial centers of Sundarganj town in Gaibandha ignoring public opinion.

The human chain was held in front of Mirganj Bazar Janata Bank on Thursday at noon. Bank customers, local market traders and local residents organized this human chain. This human chain was held in the presence of thousands of people against the attempt to move the Mirganj Bazar branch of Janata Bank to Sundarganj Bazar.

Speaking in this human bonding program-Municipal Mayor Abdur Rashid Reza Sarkar D.B., Former Municipal Mayor Abdullah Al Mamun, Chairman of Dahband Union Parishad Rezaul Alam Sarkar Reza, Former Vice Chairman of Upazila Parishad Gholam Ahsan Habib Masud, Panel Mayor Panel Mayor Samiul Islam of ward number 1 of the municipality Awami League President Shah Sultan Ahmed, businessman Nani Gopal Sarkar Nimai, Jiban Saha, Sujan Sarkar and Liton Mia were present.

Speakers in the hour-long human chain said that Mirganj Bazar is the most important commercial center of Sundarganj. It is part of the conspiracy to try to shift the bank from there. Where the businessmen do crores of rupees business.

If there was any problem then you could have sat with the well-to-do people of the area including the traders. If there is a problem with the house, the building will be completed within three months. Still can't let the bank go elsewhere. If it is still attempted, the Durbar Movement will be created.

Traders including Nani Gopal Sarkar Nimai and Jeevan Saha said that when they go to the bank, the officials do not consider the customers as human beings.

They misbehave with us. Where other banks invite tea when they go to the office, talk with respect, come to business establishments and encourage them to take deposits and loans, the managers of this bank and other officials are far from approaching big businessmen, they do not come down from the upper floor. Sit with us, talk about the problem and it will be solved. But don't try to transfer from Mirganj to Sundarganj.

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