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Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Bhola gas-based 34.5- MW rental power plant closed for 3 months : People in extreme disaster, urgent steps needed

Bhola gas-based 34.5- MW rental power plant closed for 3 months : People in extreme disaster, urgent steps needed

Ali Hossain Rubel, Bhola

Bhola gas- based 34.5- MW rental power plant has been closed for 3 months due to mechanical failure.

Due to this, the people of the island district are in extreme power crisis. To deal with the situation, the electricity distribution company is providing electricity through alternative means, but the load shedding is not reducing.

The customers of the island district are suffering greatly. In such uncertainty, the authorities say it will take another 6 months to start the machine. The district administration assured to solve the problem quickly. Bhola Gas Based 34.5 MW Rental Power Plant Bhola Gas Based 34.5 MW Rental Power Plant.

The 34.5 MW rental power plant, the source of electricity supply to the customers of Bhola district headquarters, was shut down on January 25 due to mechanical failure. After 3 months passed, it still could not be started.

It has disrupted power supply system. As the center is closed, West Zone Power Distribution Company Limited (Ojopadico) is trying to meet the demand of customers with electricity from the power plant of Borhanuddin center 42 km away, but the supply is very less than the demand. Even this did not reduce the load shedding. So the people of Bhola are spending their days with the problem of electricity loadshedding.

Electricity consumers of Paranganj area of Bhola said that extreme load shedding has occurred in Bhola before the start of summer. Bhola gas is used to build a power plant and generate electricity and take it outside Bhola. But we are not getting uninterrupted electricity. People outside our earnings are enjoying while we are not. As a result, especially children are suffering from various diseases including pneumonia in the hot summer.

Auto driver Ismail Hossain said, due to lack of uninterrupted electricity, I am not able to charge the autorickshaw properly. 130 has to be paid as charge cost. But the charge is not even 50 rupees. I can't go down the road because there is no autorickshaw charge. Battery problem. Earnings are much lower than before. Having to spend many difficult days with the family.

Shibli Hossain, a resident of Gazipur Road, said that we are in extreme turmoil as loadshedding has increased. I can't sleep properly. When the electricity goes out, it doesn't want to come back. The child is getting sick.

He also said that the electricity went off during Iftar. People are in a lot of trouble because the electricity goes out during Tarabi.

Bhola Power Supply West Zone Power Distribution Company Limited (Ozopadico) Executive Engineer Mohammad Yusuf said that the electricity demand in Bhola is about 90 MW. However, compared to the demand, we are getting 60 megawatts of electricity. Forced to not get electricity as per demand, load shedding has to be done. The reason for non-load-shedding in Bhola Sadar for the past seven years is that there was no power failure as rental power was in operation. We were off the national grid. Now the 34.5 MW power machine is in trouble.

As a result, we are forced to take power from the National Grid. As a result there is no load shedding as per rules. Power grid company has planned to build 150 MW sub station to solve the power problem. If it is constructed it will solve the problem of load shedding in the district.

Hafizur Rahman, manager of 34.5 MW rental power generation center Bhola, said that our rental plant with 25 MW capacity was closed on January 25. We are trying to buy the necessary equipment from outside the country to fix its mechanical defects. Hopefully, the rental power plant will be operational within the next five-six months.

And Bhola Deputy Commissioner Alipur Zaman said that Bhola's 34.5 MW power plant has been closed for three months due to faulty problems. As a result Bholabasi has suffered somewhat due to irrigation season and heat. In order to solve this problem, the Ministry of Power has been informed to solve the problem. We hope to resolve this issue very soon.

In 2009, Sinha Group started commercial production of 34.5 MW gas based power plant on rental basis. Before this, power generation was stopped at the plant for a long time due to mechanical failure twice.

The West Zone Power Distribution Company (Ozopadico) used to supply 16- MW to the district headquarters with the electricity generated by this plant. On the other hand, about 24 MW electricity was given to Palli Vidyut Samiti.

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