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Thursday, 20 June 2024
BDRCS denies leakage  of question papers

BDRCS denies leakage of question papers


Staff Correspondent

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) has termed the question paper leakage incident as false and motivated.

While talking to several officials of the organisation about this , there was a mixed response but most of the officials said the issue may have been motivated.

Others say that last year an official of the Society was fired due to misconduct that person is running various types of propaganda to spoil the reputation of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.

Some people argue that the question paper of the society's recruitment examination is not done by any one , different departments prepare different sets and send them to the head of the recruitment committee and no one except the head of the recruitment committee knows which set to take the exam, due to which the information that is being disseminated may be baseless.

Moreover, an investigation committee has already been formed on the matter and it is not right to blame anyone until the investigation is over. But still the propaganda is being carried out which saddens the people of BDRCS.

According to reliable sources, two and a half hours before the commencement of the examination, a draft copy was sent to the Deputy Secretary General Sultan Ahmed, HRD Department and his associates.

It is to be noted that on May 12, the written examination was held for the post of 'Skill Development Officer' of the 'DCRM' department of the society. In the examination, 8 candidates participated in the written examination.

In that exam, a candidate sits in the exam hall and takes out questions and previously prepared answer sheets and writes them in the exam . At that time, when the officer in charge saw the copy in the examination hall, the ledger was seized and a high-level committee was formed in this matter.

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