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Wednesday, 24 April 2024
BBS thanks Walton for successful completion of population, housing census

BBS thanks Walton for successful completion of population, housing census

Staff Reporter

Bangladesh's first digital 'Population and Housing Census 2022' has been successfully completed.

In this first digital census project, which was conducted across the country from June 15 to 21 of this year, Bangladeshi technology products manufacturer 'Walton Digi-Tech Industries Limited' provided Tab (Tablet PC). Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) thanked Walton for providing all-out support in the successful completion of the country's first digital population and housing census by providing timely tab delivery and other necessary services.

Recently, BBS sent a thanks letter to Walton Digi-Tech's Managing Director SM Monjurul Alam. The letter signed by BBS Secretary Shahnaz Arefin NDC said that one of the major components of implementing the digital census was to ensure timely delivery of tablet PCs, reaching those the field level, after sales service and quick technical support during the census.

Walton performed those duty very actively and effectively. Walton Digi-Tech Industries Limited deserves appreciation for being actively involved in this country's largest statistical event. Walton's contribution to the successful implementation of the country's first digital census is gratefully remembered by the Department of Statistics and Information Management and the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

In the letter of thanks to Walton, BBS hoped that this census, the largest source of the country's real socio-economic and demographic data, will play significant role in formulating, evaluating and monitoring any evidence-based development projects such as Delta Plan 2100, Vision 2041, Eighth

Five Year Plan, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) etc. Mentionable, Walton supplied total of 3.95 lakh pieces of tab and 72 pieces of air conditioners in the 'Census and House Census 2022' project. In this project, Walton ensures all kinds of services, including technical and after sales services, up to the union level for about 4 lakh enumerators. As a result, the population and housing census activities were completed on time, accurately and smoothly.

According to the stakeholders, the successful completion of important projects like the first digital census of the country through using the domestic brand Walton Tab is very significant.

This proves that the country's major projects, along with the participation of the domestic company, have been successfully completed through the use of locally manufactured products. As a result, the country and the domestic industry will be benefited, import cost will be reduced, domestic industries will be flourished, employment opportunities will be created as well as domestic economy will be progressed.

Walton Digi-Tech's Deputy Managing Director Engineer Liakat Ali said, 'We are very happy to supply tabs and services to the country's first digital population and housing census project.

Thanks and gratitude to all concerned for trusting 'Made in Bangladesh' tagged digital devices in this project, which is important from the socio-economic aspect of the country. We hope that there will be participation of domestic institutions in such big projects in the future as well.

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