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Friday, 14 June 2024
Banglalink Signs Network Modernization Agreement with Huawei

Banglalink Signs Network Modernization Agreement with Huawei

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Banglalink, the county’s innovative digital service provider in Bangladesh, has signed a strategic agreement with Huawei to enhance their ongoing collaboration aimed at modernizing and enhancing network infrastructure.

This alliance marks a step in delivering unparalleled services to end-users and solidifying Banglalink's standing as the leading data service provider in the nation. Banglalink has won the Ookla® Speedtest Award™ for having the fastest mobile network in Bangladesh, a distinction which the mobile operator has won consistently over the past four years.

As part of this agreement, Huawei will utilize its most advanced technologies, unique algorithms, and innovative solutions to expand Banglalink's 4G coverage and upgrade its network capacity. This will offer Banglalink's customers an upgraded digital experience through the integration of Huawei's latest innovations.

Erik Aas, Chief Executive Officer at Banglalink, and Ma Jian, CTO, Huawei South Asia region, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations at a signing ceremony held at the Banglalink Corporate Office in Dhaka.

Also present at the ceremony were Huseyin Turker, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Banglalink; Muniruzzaman Sheikh, Chief Ethics and Compliance officer, Banglalink; K.M Zakaria, Procurement and Supply Chain Director at Banglalink, as well as Hu Yue, CEO of CNBG Huawei South Asia region among other high-ranking officials from both organizations.

Erik Aas, CEO of Banglalink, said, “Our extensive partnership with Huawei is vital to our mission of expanding access to digital services across Bangladesh. The next-generation equipment outlined in this agreement is designed to improve connectivity and enhance customer experience, with a particular focus on ensuring sustainable power usage and reducing carbon emissions. At Banglalink, we have successfully doubled our network capacity, significantly enhancing our service capabilities. Strengthening our collaboration with key partners like Huawei is essential to our growth strategy in realizing the Smart Bangladesh vision together in the future.”

Pan Junfeng, President of Huawei South Asia Region and CEO of Huawei Bangladesh, said, “Banglalink has positioned itself as the premier experience provider in the country, proven its status as the consecutive four-time Ookla experience leader.

Huawei as a global leading ICT supplier, over the past 25 years in Bangladesh has not only been serving as a technology supplier but also contributing to country's overall development. It's an honour for us to be part of Banglalink's momentous growth and we are excited to continue supporting Banglalink’s aspiration of continuing superior user experiences brand. Through this strategic agreement, we will leverage our most advanced technologies to accelerate data growth and enhance end user experience.”

Banglalink remains committed to providing customers with the best user experience. This partnership with Huawei is a testament to the company's commitment to providing strong network coverage, high-quality services, and the fastest internet speeds across the country

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