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Sunday, 19 May 2024
Bangladesh people re-elect Sheikh Hasina for her hard work: Brazil FM

Bangladesh people re-elect Sheikh Hasina for her hard work: Brazil FM

Diplomatic Correspondent

Visiting Brazilian Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira on Sunday said Bangladesh people re-elected Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina once again due to her hard work for improving living standard of her countrymen.

"She (Sheikh Hasina) has worked very hard to increase the quality of life of the people of Bangladesh and promote the development of the country," he said while responding to a question of a reporter after holding bilateral talks with Bangladesh foreign minister Dr Hasan Mahmud in the capital on Sunday afternoon.

He said Bangladesh premier and Brazilian president Lula had a wonderful meeting last year and they built a very good personal relation.

The Brazilian foreign minister said Brasilia and Dhaka have similar kinds of social and development issues like poverty reduction to address.

"We have similar positions in many aspects such as fight against poverty, equality in hunger and promoting social development. So, we have similar agendas, which will allow us to work together," he said.

The Brazilian foreign minister said during the meeting they discussed all issues and tried to figure out new ways and new avenues of cooperation in the new areas of balanced trades. Vieira brought an invitation of Brazilian President Lula to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to visit Brazil.

The Brazilian foreign minister, who is scheduled to call on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday morning, said that his country's President hoped that the Bangladesh premier would visit Brazil soon.

In 2023, President Lula and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina met on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit in South Africa.

Brazil is keen to continue deepening relations with Bangladesh, in favour of the development of both countries, the promotion of South-South cooperation, and the fight against poverty, hunger, and climate crisis.

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