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Friday, 12 April 2024
Allegations of harassment against teacher at Nazrul University

Allegations of harassment against teacher at Nazrul University

Nazrul University Correspondent

Syeda Sanjana Ahsan Chhoya, a 13th batch student at the Department of Human Resource Management of Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, has raised allegations of harassment and exploitation against Assistant Professor Sazon Shah.

According to her, the harassment began in 2019, and she received various inappropriate messages from Sazon until November 2021. Chhoya claims that Sahar invited her for tea late at night, making her uncomfortable.

Apart from unwanted advances, Choya accuses Sazon of unfairly grading her in every semester, pressuring her to go to his room using the excuse of discussing math, and expressing anger when she refused. She further alleges that Sazon, due to personal issues with her married sister, sent messages to other students at her home, creating a hostile environment for her.

The harassment escalated to affecting Chhoya's academic performance, as sajon repeatedly changed topics in her reports and refused to accept them.

Despite the department's head being aware of the situation, Chhoya claims no action was taken. She also mentions Sazon's misconduct during her internship at Prime Bank, where he allegedly mistreated her in front of others.

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