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Friday, 21 June 2024
7 members of fraudster, thief gang arrested with cash in Sirajganj

7 members of fraudster, thief gang arrested with cash in Sirajganj

Kamarkhand (Sirajganj) Correspondent

Fraudsters and thief gang members escaped with Tk 110,000 from a cloth merchant named Biplab Sheikh, a resident of Kamarkhand, Sirajganj.

On Tuesday, RAB-12 arrested 7 active members of the fraudster and thief gang by conducting day-long raids in various areas of Sirajganj district.

Those arrested are, Dhaka Mirpur area. Sujan (36), Pirgacha police station of Rangpur district. Sohel Russell (35), Kushtia Bheramara police station. Shafiuzzaman (42), Keraniganj, Dhaka. Shahadat Molla (25), Rajshahi Bagha police station. Ataur Rahman (39), Ekramul Haque (38) of the same police station and Md. Shamim Ahmed (28).

According to the local and RAB-12 press release, a cloth merchant named Biplab Sheikh went to Kartia in Tangail with Tk 1 lakh and 10 thousand by bus.

Meanwhile, an unidentified person in the bus vomited on the cloth merchant's body. After that, some passengers nearby tried to wipe the vomit from his body.

Meanwhile, the cloth merchant got down from the bus at Jhail over bridge area of Kamarkhand to clean his clothes. After getting down, he put his hand in his pants pocket and saw that he had no money.

After a while he tried to catch the bus with a motorcycle. When he came to Koddamore area, he saw that the person who had vomited on his body in the bus was standing at Koddamore area. When the man was arrested with the help of locals, he confessed to cheating.

After that, a patrol team of RAB-12 stopped the car after seeing the crowd and after hearing the entire incident, using information technology, arrested seven members of the fraud gang along with Tk 24,000 in cash and handed them over to Kamarkhand police station.

OC of Kamarkhand Police Station Noornavi Pradhan said that seven members of the thief and fraud gang have been sent to court.

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