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Monday, 25 September 2023
5 expatriates expecting nominations in upcoming national election

5 expatriates expecting nominations in upcoming national election


USA Bureau

After the announcement of the date of national parliament election of Bangladesh , potential candidates have also appeared from expatriate Bangladeshis living in America.

The aspirants have already increased communication with the party and leaders of their areas. The expected candidates are frequently visiting their respective areas in their homeland and also joining organizational activities.

Although the BNP has not announced its decision to participate in the elections, the potential candidates are not sitting. In addition to meetings and gatherings, they is doing various works for the poor people of the area.

Awami League and those who are interested in becoming boat candidates have added more vehicles and more organizers to the organizational network to strengthen the existing relationship with the people of the area.

As part of the election campaign, posters are being put up in neighborhoods and alleys. If they cannot attend the prayer ceremony in person, they are speaking on Facebook. This trend of participating in meetings and gatherings i has started during the Corona period. People from remote areas are also getting closer to American people due to Digital Bangladesh.

You can open your heart and tell about problems and possibilities. Potential candidates are sending money in a moment without any fee to send money if necessary due to shortage or other reasons. And thus began the damadol of the election campaign.

There are many serious candidates in the United States to get the Awami League nomination. Some are organizationally active, others are involved in organizational and overall development activities of the area 24 hours a day and night.

During the Corona period, almost all of these serious candidates of BNP and Awami League have sent money from one place to another to distribute essential food items including rice-dal-oil-salt-flour to the people in extreme crisis. In the last Ramadan too, there was news of huge expenditure of money in such programs.

Besides, they are also with the people affected by natural calamities. In other words, the American diaspora is not far from the traditional customs during elections. They are spending their hard earned money with both hands. These candidates who are determined to accelerate the progress of the welfare of the beloved motherland by using the experience of America, have no retreat. There is also no financial problem, so that one has to engage in trade.

If you get the nomination, you don't have to take funds from the party. Among such serious candidates are Abdul Kader Miah (Sandwip ), Mahabubur Rahman Tuku (Barguna) and Morsheda Zaman (Sarishabari) who are eager for the boat icon. On the other hand, Ilyas Khan (Nalitabari-Nakla of Sherpur) and Dinaj Khan for Munshiganj's Tungibari seat are waiting for the Paddy symbol.

All of them are active in their party activities as well as community welfare in this country. Abdul Kader Miah, a son of Chittagong's Sandwip was the organizer of Chhatra League in school and college. He is still associated with Awami League from in New York and Bangladesh.

Apart from the General Secretary of Bangabandhu Foundation', US Unit , he is serving as the Joint Secretary of the US Branch of the Sector Commanders' Forum. Construction contractor by profession ,he is respected almost everywhere in New York City for solving the works according to the contract with honesty and devotion. He has been relentlessly working in Sandwip for the welfare of the people.

Two decades ago, Abdul Kader Miah started working as a construction worker for $40 a day, but now dozens of people are working under him for much higher wages. In this way, he is spending a large amount of his hard-earned income in various schools, colleges, mosques, madrasas, orphanages and houses for the sick and needy in Sandwip, supporting marriages and education. He has a special compassion for the children of the heroic freedom fighters who are not financially well off.

As a result of his organizational activities as well as being with the downtrodden islanders, he has recently been made the Advisor of Chittagong North District Awami League, Member of the Central Laboir and Manpower Sub-Committee of Bangladesh Awami League. This former member of Sandwip Upazila Awami League and social worker Alhaj Abdul Kader Miah established the "Abdul Kader Miah Foundation" in his name in 2015 with the aim of providing uninterrupted services to the diaspora and the poor and common people of the country.

Since its inception, this foundation has been able to gain fame among the common people by providing humanitarian services in every union of Sandwip. At the same time, Kader Mia has also become a person of trust and confidence for the people of Sandwip. He has already formed ward-based committees to serve the people in every union of Sandwip and at the same time conduct the election process.

By collecting information through the members of each ward committee, Abdul Kader Mia Foundation is providing financial support to the needy and poor people for building houses, for medical treatment, for marriage of boys and girls, for foreign travel, education and other needs. Also for the development of social infrastructure and he has been doing developmental work including construction, construction of Shaheed Minar, electrification of classrooms for the last decade.

Sandwip Upazila was also affected when the epidemic of Corona virus started in Bangladesh from March 2020.

During the Corona period, the volunteers of Abdul Kader Mia Foundation provided cash and food assistance to about 15,000 families in 4 phases among the helpless, unemployed, poor people of different unions of Sandwip Upazila.

Every year in the holy month of Ramadan, as part of the continuous program of distribution of Iftar and Sehri materials to the poor and helpless people of Sandwip Upazila, in 2023 also in 2023, this leader, inspired by Mujib ideals, distributed Iftar and Sehri materials to about 10,000 needy families of each union, including Urirchar, a separate union of Sandwip Upazila. In addition, he has continued the program of providing financial assistance to more than half a hundred families of Sandwip upazila at a monthly rate.

This soft-spoken social organizer Kader Miah is also in charge of one of the vice presidents of New York Metropolitan Awami League. Dr. Abdul Kader Miah in his student life. Fazlul served as General Secretary of Hajera College Chhatra League (1991-92) and General Secretary of Garibe Newaj High School Chhatra League (1989-90). When asked how optimistic he is about party nominations, Abdul Quader Mia told this correspondent that it all depends on the consideration of leader Sheikh Hasina.

His orders are top notch. Preparations have been made since the previous term so that I can keep the honor of the leader intact if I get the nomination. There is no shortage of constant communication with the area. Kader Mia, the owner of huge wealth in the construction business, said that he got the family's permission. There is no restriction on renouncing US citizenship.

I want to keep myself engaged till my last breath to strengthen the hand of Sheikh Hasina, the leader-activist of Mujib ideology of South India. It is to be noted that the contribution of Kader Mia in stopping the ongoing disinformation campaign against Bangladesh, which is proceeding at an unstoppable speed under the prudent leadership of Sheikh Hasina, is also undeniable. Kader Miah has not yet stopped working as one of the leading team members in collecting proclamations from Bangladesh's independence parliament and state governors in particular.

Md Ilyas Khan Md Ilyas Khan, a devoted leader of BNP living in New York, wants to contest the upcoming elections. He ia an educated successful businessman and a young politician.

He is always on the alert to free anyone who is oppressed or accused in a case due to the party programme. Ilyas Khan, who holds Honors and Masters in English from the American University of Andokar, came to the United States on a student visa in 1996 and studied law.

He entered the supermarket business in 2004 through a part-time job. Currently owns three supermarkets named Kawran Bazaar in Queens, New York City. There is a 120-room three-star hotel, community center and party hall. Ilyas Khan has been intimately involved with BNP politics since his student life in 1991.

He became the executive member of Mymensingh District Chhatra Dal. Served as Sports Secretary of Government Commerce College, Mymensingh. Anandmohan was also an organizer of Chhatra Dal during his studies at University College. In 1997, Ilyas Khan held the post of joint convener of United States Youth Party.

In 2004, he was appointed Youth and Social Welfare Secretary of BNP and joint secretary in 2011. In Nakla-Nalitabari as well as in Prabas, the more popular Ilyas Khan is trying to get BNP nomination from Sherpur-2 seat. Most recently Tariq Rahman's Green Signal has made Ilyas Khan the co-international secretary of Juba Dal's central committee.

Ilyas Khan was with the helpless people of the area during Corona. Donated cash and food items freely. Almost all the programs of Naklay BNP have strong leadership. Sometimes leading in person and sometimes virtual. Ilyas Khan told this correspondent that the BNP has not yet decided to go to the elections. Accordingly, I am prepared and I stand by the parties and common people of the area, so that there is no weakness to enter the field if nominated.

Ilyas Khan, the owner of huge wealth in the business, said that he has nothing to ask for. I want to spend the rest of my life for the welfare of the area and dear motherland, keeping the party ideals in front. Dr. Dr. Mahabubur Rahman Tuku Barguna-2 Constituency did not take US citizenship in the hope of entering the electoral field. Mahabubur Rahman Tuku. He sought party nomination in the last election as well but at the last minute the luck was not happy.

This time, he has entered the field with eight-ghat since the corona epidemic. In addition to delivering food and cash to the houses of people in crisis, they are also giving full support in organizational activities. The former vice-president of the Central Committee of Bangladesh Chhatra League and currently a member of Barguna District Awami League. Mahabubur Rahman Tuku is also the Youth Affairs Secretary of United States Awami League.

Being a businessman by profession, there is no problem in providing round-the-clock support in political activities. After settling in the US with an MA LLB from Bangladesh, he most recently completed a PhD in Business-Entrepreneurship. All in all, the energetic youth Tuku is determined to play a direct role in the creation of Bangabandhu's dream of Sonar Bangla under the leadership of leader Sheikh Hasina.

Dr. Tuku is expecting party nomination in the next election. That is why he is tirelessly carrying out various service activities in the country and abroad in addition to his organizational duties. Last Eid also gave clothes to the needy people of the area. In the next Eid, he will offer sacrifices in several places in the constituency. Tuku said, party meetings are held every week with my help. A team is working for pre-election preparations. Rice, dal, potatoes, cash are being distributed among the distressed and helpless people.

I am also giving financial support to the father who is suffering from daughter. Student scholarships have been introduced. I have been in various service activities since 2008. And I got inspiration to fulfill this responsibility from Bangabandhu. Dr. Tuku said, I came to the United States in 2006. However, I could not break the political relationship with the area even for a moment.

Everyone is supporting me through social media have not implemented that link. However, the matter of nomination is entirely dependent on the leader Sheikh Hasina.

If he blesses, there will certainly not be a crew trying to bring the boat out of my area victorious. I am doing everything from my student life to my current life abroad under the instructions of the public leader Sheikh Hasina. The internationally renowned voluntary organization said, I want to spend the rest of my life as a soldier of Sheikh Hasina to hold the status of digital Bangladesh as a smart Bangladesh with the experience of a long expatriate life.

Mohammad Dinaz Khan is one of the businessmen established in Florida and the United States who is interested in the election from Munshiganj-3 i.e. Tungipara constituency with the top symbol of Dinaz Khan Dhan. Dinaj Khan, who has become an important person in the US BNP by serving as the founder and president of the Florida State Committee of BNP, is managing more than 30 business establishments in different places in Florida due to his hard work.

More than hundred Bangladeshis are working in his company. Even though he lived in the United States for 39 years, he was the vice president of Munshiganj district BNP until last year because he did not care to maintain close relations with the area. Dinaz Khan, who graduated from Jagannath University of Dhaka, has been manifesting himself in all activities as a dedicated soul of BNP ideals. He has managed to win the hearts of the poor and helpless people of the area to stand by them with huge money during the Corona period.

Dinaz Khan's touch is always present in the organizational activities of BNP. An undeclared network between Florida-Tungibari was created through Dinaz Khan. Sometimes not only BNP workers-supporters, but also helpless people of other parties have been getting grace of Dinaz Khan. The fact that the United States has long contributed to the activities of BNP is not unknown even to the high command of the party.

Therefore, Dinaz Khan thinks that if BNP goes to the elections, his nomination is sure. He said while talking to this correspondent, I had asked for BNP nomination from Tungipara before. I didn't give up because I didn't get it. Being a steadfast believer in the ideals of the party, I am constantly engaged in organizational work.

In addition to the movement and struggle, I am also running a debt court to the US administration for the release of Begum Zia. Dinaz Khan said that he is working abroad to realize the 10-point program of BNP and I hope that if the elections are held under the caretaker government, BNP will come to power again like in the 1991 elections. Dinaj Khan, a successful business personality in the diaspora, sincerely believes that if he becomes a candidate in that historic election, the activities of the diaspora life will be revealed and he will be able to take responsibility for the overall development of the area.

Morsheda Zaman Morsheda Zaman is one of the women leaders of Awami League in New York and in the United States. Morsheda Zaman, who has received awards for his important contributions at various levels as a real estate agent, wants to nominate a boat from Sarishabari in Jamalpur district. And for this purpose, he is traveling to the area occasionally. Beside the distressed and helpless people, sometimes blankets, sometimes cash, sometimes rice-dal-flour-salt or the homeless people are holding themselves as a means of livelihood.

Morsheda Zaman is active in all levels of activities of United States Awami League. Mujib dedicated himself to the ideology for more than a century. He did not hold office, he was working under the instructions of leader Sheikh Hasina. In continuation of that work, he wants to become a member of Bangladesh National Parliament. There is no problem in thinking about the local people as there is no pull back in terms of finances.

Morsheda Zaman, who is determined to make herself available for the poor, said, I am trying for nomination. I am also working at unnecessary expense. Sheikh Hasina is our leader. If he blesses, my expectations will be fulfilled. The work I have been doing for the common people of the area for the past few years will pave the way for my victory if the election battle comes.

Sarishabari Awami League, Jubo League, Chhatra League, Mahila Awami League, Sramik League have the support of all levels of leaders and workers. Grassroot people, if I get the nomination, from the next day, there will be a wave of votes in favor of the boat, beyond the borders of Sarishabari and everywhere in Jamalpur district.

It is to be noted that she has already established 'Morsheda Foundation' in Sarishabari with the intention of institutional recognition of his service activities. This foundation has now become a relief provider for the people affected by floods, droughts and natural disasters. Like every year during the last flood, this Foundation has distributed Chira, Jaggery, Muri etc. as dry food by boat in her area.

These are not people's shows, because Morsheda Zaman rushed to Jamalpur from New York during other natural disasters. She said, I am working as an authentic worker of Awami League and Bangabandhu. I will continue this as long as I have the strength and ability. In addition, if blessed with the blessing of the leader, then the local people will not deviate. Because my relationship with the area is completely selfless.

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