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Monday, 17 June 2024
10th International Food Security Conference to be held in Dhaka on Sunday

10th International Food Security Conference to be held in Dhaka on Sunday

Staff Correspondent

With an aim to enhance food security and promote sustainable practices in agribusiness, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Bangladesh in collaboration with the Bangladesh Food Safety Authority, will hold 10th International Food Security Conference on Sunday.

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder will inaugurate the conference as the chief guest.

The conference aims to bring together key stakeholders, decision makers and industry leaders to address challenges related to food security, nutrition and food waste, Chairman of Bangladesh Food Safety Authority Md Abdul Qayyum Sarkar said this in a press conference organized at his office in the capital on Saturday.

The conference will serve as a platform for agribusinesses to adopt strategies to make food safer, more nutritious and resilient based on IFC's various food safety practices, he said.

“The government is accelerating the development of the country’s agricultural sector by getting support from the World Bank through various projects. By engaging with private and public sector traders in the agribusiness industry, the forum hopes to contribute to the government’s efforts to develop the food sector not only in Bangladesh but also in other emerging markets,” said the Safe Food Authority chairman.

About 300 local delegates and 43 foreign representatives from 24 countries, including IFC representatives, policy makers, top food producers, manufacturers, retailers, tourism companies, cold chain logistics providers, consumer organizations and other key stakeholders will participate in the IFC forum.

The theme of this year’s conference “Keeping Food Safe and Nutritious, Preventing Losses” will focus on climate change as well as good food safety practices, and the impact of reducing nutrition and food waste.

The participants of the conference will cooperate and exchange knowledge among themselves, which will help to improve the food sector in Bangladesh and abroad, said Natia Mgeladze, IFC’ International Food Safety Forum representative and global lead.

“Through collaborative efforts, the International Food Safety Forum seeks to bring about positive change in the agribusiness sector by contributing to a safer, more nutritious, and sustainable food system for Bangladesh and the entire region,” she added.

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