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Sunday, 19 May 2024
Youth global strike demanding climate justice in Morelganj

Youth global strike demanding climate justice in Morelganj

Morelganj (Bagerhat) Correspondent

Youth Net for Climate Justice organized a global strike in Morelganj of coastal region Bagerhat district calling for protecting the country including Morelganj of Bagerhat from the adverse effects of climate change due to global warming and demanding justice for climate changeYoung climate activists.On Friday (April 19) at 10 am in front of the Morelganj Press Club adjacent to the old police station road of the upazila.

They formed a human chain with various posters, festoons, banners and placards calling for the cessation of climate-destructive activities. Calling for quick and adequate climate financing to deal with climate change, the speakers at the strike said that as a result of climate change, oxygen is constantly decreasing in the world. The whole world is under threat. Coastal areas are more at risk. Cyclones, lightning and other natural disasters are increasing.

Thousands of families are living in destitution due to river erosion. Wildlife is disappearing due to deforestation. People's livelihood, wealth, food, water, shelter and other crises are being created. As a result, the number of people displaced is increasing. Unless effective steps are taken to overcome this crisis, the southwest coastal region will become desolate in the near future.

The speakers also said that the developed countries should bring the amount of carbon emissions to zero and that the affected countries should be compensated, not loans, under the adaptation process.

Young environmental activists have called for climate compensation from rich countries to be spent on protecting and developing endangered coastal areasYouthnet for Climate Justice organization Bagerhat district team coordinator Nasreen Akhtar, Al Shihab Iman, Mosaddek Billah Tamim, Mehrab Alam Opi, Asma Akhtar and others spoke.

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