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Monday, 25 September 2023
World Brain Tumor Day : With collective efforts brain tumors can be cured

World Brain Tumor Day : With collective efforts brain tumors can be cured

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed

Today June 8 (Thursday), World Brain Tumor Day is our 2023. The day has been observed worldwide since 2000 to raise awareness about the horrors of brain tumors. The day is being celebrated on the initiative of the German Brain Tumor Association, a charity organization formed in 1998.

Therefore, the day is celebrated internationally to show respect for brain tumor patients and to show sympathy to their families. According to the calculations of the World Health Organization, a total of 260,000 people are diagnosed with brain tumors every year. And in a survey in Britain, six out of every 100,000 people are diagnosed with brain tumors every year. Our brain can be divided into two compartments by a screen called tentorium. An upper chamber and a lower chamber.

In an adult, 80-85% of tumors are in the upper chamber and 15-20% are in the lower chamber. In children, 40 percent of tumors are in the upper chamber and 60 percent in the lower chamberMany people do not have a proper understanding of brain tumors.

Brain or brain tumor or cancer originates mainly from two sources, one is a malignant tumor originating from another organ or cell, which comes as a metastasis or secondary with the help of blood supply to the brain, lymph nodes such as CSF. The second is the primary tumor of the brain or the primary tumor formed directly from the brain cells.

There are two types of Ben tumors. One is innocent or benign tumors. There is no problem if it is in the body. Because, it divides like a normal cell in one place of the body. They do not spread around and their growth is slow. The second type of tumor is malignant, which is called cancer. It grows much faster than normal cells and spreads rapidly like the claws of a black snake throughout the body.

When the tumor is located inside the head, it is called a brain tumor. When this tumor grows in the head, the pressure inside the brain increases which damages the brain. Timely brain tumor treatment is necessary. But first one should know what brain tumor is, why it occurs and what are its symptoms.

> What is a brain tumor?

The number of people suffering from brain tumor is also not less. It is known that every year around two and a half million people in the world are affected by brain tumor. The incidence of brain tumor in Bangladesh is increasing day by day.

But no awareness programs are conducted in this regard, brain tumor is a brain tumor. When cells in a particular area of the brain grow uncontrollably, it is called a brain tumor. There are two types of brain tumors. One is a benign tumor. There is no problem if it is in the body. Because, it divides like a normal cell in one place of the body.

They do not spread around and their growth is slow. The second type of tumor is malignant, which is called cancer. It grows much faster than normal cells and spreads like the claws of a black snake throughout the body. Primary brain cancer originates from cells in the brain and metastatic brain cancer originates from cells in different parts of the body. Anyone of any age can develop a brain tumor. Cancer deaths are highest in people over forty-five years of age, and among children aged six to nine, the death rate is alarming.


Brain tumors can occur at any age. It is the second leading cause of cancer in children. But the reason is not known. But some gene mutations can cause it. In addition, radiation can also cause tumors.

> Causes of brain tumor:-

Tumors can be caused by a variety of factors. Brain tumors occur when there is an error in the DNA of normal brain cells. Body cells are constantly dividing and dying. Instead, other cells are formed. In many cases, new cells are formed but the old cells are not completely destroyed. As a result, these cells are likely to clump together and form a tumor. Sometimes brain tumors are caused due to genetics. That is, if a father, mother or relative has a brain tumor.

> Symptoms of Brain Tumor:-

_ Be careful if you get a new headache.

Sometimes the headache is continuous, recurring or stops and starts again.

In that case, it is important to consult a doctor. Even if the head is right, the head hurts.

_ But if the character of the headache changes suddenly and continues to increase, caution is needed.

In this case, it is important to consult an experienced homeopath.

Is any side of the body feeling tired? Then definitely see a doctor.

Sometimes a headache may not be a symptom of a brain tumor.

_ Suddenly it was seen that the sensation is decreasing in one side of the body or slowly one side is becoming paralyzed.

_Then you must go to a neurologist as soon as possible.

What is the difficulty in seeing suddenly? Which side of the eye is getting blurry? Especially when we look through the eyes we see equally around the eyes.

_ Is the darkness coming down on both sides of the eyes? Then definitely see a neurologist, followed by a homeopath.

_ A change in the use of a healthy person is observed? Incoherence is seen in speech? In that case, of course, the possibility of tumor remains. It is important to consult a doctor without delay.

_Suddenly forgetting something i.e. forgetting things from a few days ago - this type of symptom can be a sign of a brain tumor.

_ Sudden convulsions in the body or convulsions in one of the limbs is one of the symptoms of brain tumor.

_ Symptoms in any case depend entirely on the location of the tumor in the brain.

_ Many times brain tumor causes lack of balance in walking

> Symptoms of Brain Tumor:-

_ Long term headache

_ Convulsions, fainting

_ Nausea or vomiting

_ Loss of sight

_ slurred speech, difficulty speaking

_Behavioral changes etc

> The following tests are helpful in diagnosis:

_ CTscan and MRI of the brain

_ Electroencephalography or EEG to look at nervous system activity.

_ Nervous system transport capacity or nerve conduction test or electromyography.

_ City Guided FNAC.

> Homeo Remedies:-

Brain tumor is being treated in Bangladesh since a long time and most of the tumors can be treated in Bangladesh. Homeopathic treatment has achieved great success in brain tumors. Homeopathy is a symptom based treatment method. Brain tumor can be cured by the grace of Allah if treated with homeo medicine knowing the disease and family history and present problem.

> How to stay safe from brain tumor :-

First of all, the exact cause of brain tumors is still not known. But experts believe that some simple rules and a healthy lifestyle will work to keep brain tumors at bay. which include-

_ Eating anti-cancer foods

Anti-cancer properties are available from a large number of natural food ingredients. Try to keep all these beneficial food items like apples, grapes, broccoli, carrots in your daily diet.

_Adequate sleep

Every adult needs enough sleep every day to rest the eyes and brain.

_Limited use of mobile

Radiation from mobile phones increases the risk of developing brain tumors. So mobile phone should be used as less as possible.

Avoid smoking

Definitely have to agree on this. Smoking increases the risk of cancer. Besides, this bad habit also contributes to increase the risk of brain tumors.

In addition, regular physical exercise, brain performance enhancing work (puzzles or math solutions), efforts to reduce mental stress should be continued. Besides, the biggest thing that should be taken care of is that if the above symptoms appear, the doctor should be consulted as soon as possible. Due to the development of modern technology in science, brain tumors can be easily diagnosed through advanced tests. With complete and proper treatment, many patients can recover and return to a completely normal life

Finally, brain tumor treatment is expensive. It is difficult to afford this treatment in third world countries. So joint efforts of all are needed. It is possible to stand against this disease by raising funds for treatment, creating an attitude of mutual cooperation, providing mental strength to the affected, increasing awareness among the healthy, etcCommon people are suffering from these expensive diseases due to their ignorance, which poor patients cannot afford.

Treatment of these diseases is often not possible in the country. And although some diseases are possible to be treated in the country, the cost is lakhs of rupees, which is not possible for the poor people to afford, especially the middle class is becoming poor. Treatment of the patient is not possible even with the accumulated savings of life. Because in the time it nn to get serial operations for major diseases in government hospitals, many patients die.

And poor people cannot afford to go to private hospitals. As a result, they have no choice but to die without treatmentAlthough the patient is responsible for some diseases, in many cases the negligence of various responsible institutions of the state is also responsible; For example, responsible institutions can be held responsible for diseases caused by food adulteration.

It is the responsibility of the state to control them. So either adulterated food should be stopped, or patients should be given free treatment. Although Bangladesh has made a lot of progress in primary healthcare, it is not able to provide sustainable services to billions of patients in the treatment of major diseases. So who will take responsibility for the expensive treatment of poor people?

Of course the government should take it. As declared by the World Health Organization, treatment of major diseases must be ensured for all. It should be remembered that it is not possible to build a developed country with billions of sick citizens. So all the sources of the disease must be stopped by any means. So the day is started to make brain tumor patients and their families aware about this disease.

The writer is a Founder Chairman, Jatiya Rogi Kallyan Society Columnist and researcher

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