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Sunday, 27 November 2022
Ward No- 5 in DNCC needs special attention

Ward No- 5 in DNCC needs special attention

Musleh Uddin Sadi

Dhaka Mirpur Kalshi Road is connected to connected with DOHS and Kuril Bishwa Road, Airport Elevated Expressway, Purvi Metrorail and severa important l other routes.

It is an important junction located in Ward No.5. This ward is very densely populsted area and there is no big open space.

There is no field in 41 wards out of total 129 wards of the two cities, 54 in Dhaka North and 75 in Dhaka South . The residents of these areas are suffering and particularly residents of Ward No.5 are suffering much as many Bengali, non-Bengali and thousands of garment workers live here.

Dhaka Journalist Residential Area, 22 floor Standard Garment, Kalshi Cemetery, Pallabi College, several residential areas with many schools and 10 Urdu speaking Bihari camps are located in this ward .

Dhaka-16 Constituency consists of Section-11 and blocks A, B, C, D, E, F and Palashnagar is most populas . Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation ( DNCC) Atiqul Islam is committed to make a modern and clean city.

Ward No.5 of DNCC is an important place for several reasons; As such, its beauty and development are expected by the locals.

In 7 blocks of this ward, green space and playground are needed. In times of calamity, social events, religious festivals, people come together. Open field is very much needed.

A senior educated person, who did not want to be named, said, "Since 1990, many empty spaces in our area were gradually taken over by the influentials. Where we could breathe. Our children used to play sports.

Baunia Dam area had two ponds. We used to take bath. I used to fish. Unfortunately, they are now occupied. Tinshed colonies, slums and garbage heaps. "

Ward No. 5 Councilor Abdur Rauf Nannu and reserved Ward No. 2, 3 & 5 Women Councilor Mrs. Begum Mehrunnesa Haque have been working as local representatives for a long time.

There are illegal auto- rickshaws, illegal electricity connection in Bihari camps, running heaters, accidents, encroachment of more government places, loading and unloading of poultry chickens.

Unhealthy fish shop. Sewage tank lines directly go into the drain causing stench, construction of grills on the road causing disruption to traffic and noise pollution.

Bihari' youth gangs are active , mobile rentals for games and pornography, Bengali liquor parties in camps are rampant.

While visiting the area MP of Dhaka-16 Constituency Elias Uddin Mollah himself seen supervising the work. Some places were freed from occupation. But after a few days, it's the same again. 60 feet shrinked to 40 feet. 20 feet of road space remains occupied by non-Bengalis. There are no green trees around these roads.

Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation Atiqul Islam and his administrative officers visited Journalist Residential Office.

Mayor Atiq said, "Bangladesh can be known to the world only through sports. Bangladesh has been known to the world through cricket and football. Bangladesh is also moving forward in volleyball recently. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a sports-loving person. Bangladesh is achieving success in sports under the leadership of the Prime MinisterIt is our responsibility to create sports opportunities for boys and girls."

Little Flowers Preparatory School Headmaster Mia Abdul Hakeem said, "My school has no place for boys and girls to play. In the Pallavi Women's College grounds, with the permission of the authorities, I took the students to the annual sports event.

Meanwhile, in Palash Nagar, there are countless factories of wooden furniture, shoes, yarn without approval. Here is a narrow lane. Working people have no way to breathe. Here too, people's needs park.

Overall, the ward No -5 needs special attention considering its location and population.

Ward No- 5 in DNCC needs special attention

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