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Thursday, 29 February 2024
Want to be aware when the incidence of various diseases in children increases during winter

Want to be aware when the incidence of various diseases in children increases during winter

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed

Children cannot take care of themselves. So you have to be active to increase the immunity in their body. Because children's immune system is low, any disease can easily attack them. Children are our dearest companions. But it should also be remembered that children are victims of various diseases. Sometimes a little cold and sometimes upset stomach. Whatever it is, there is no end to the suffering of children when they are affected by the disease. Again, the effect of changing seasons is there. Anyway, today I want to talk about some very common childhood diseases. I will try to present to you two diseases and their causes, food, medicine, etc.

  • Child's cold:-

  • This disease is most common in children. There are symptoms such as runny nose, frequent sneezing, thirst for water, slight fever, pain in the body, hands and feet, etc. Some of the children are frolicking and some are sleeping quietly. Virus infection can be said as the reason. Usually after 3 to 5 days the patient recovers. Simple vegetarian food should be eaten as food. with plenty of water. Do not eat anything that feels cold. Gargle with salt water is good.
  • * Homeo consultation and treatment:-
  • Much raw water with much sneezing and runny nose, with great thirst - Aconite Nap should not be given more than twice in 30 days. It works best if given early. In many cases, the above symptoms are also present. The temperature may rise to 100 or 102 degrees - Bryonia 2 to 3 times in 30 days 3 to 5 days. Apart from this, this medicine is useful even if there is constipation. Ferum Phos 6x and Kali Mure 6x both as biochemical medicines are beneficial if taken in total four tablets 3 to 4 times a day. Rastox should be taken 3 times in 30 days, for 3 to 4 days in case of cold and sore throat during monsoon. Apart from this, Dalkamara 30 can also be eaten in the same way.
    Children with frequent colds, family members with frequent colds, history of tuberculosis - Tuberculinum 200 once every 2 months. Antidote for cold in winter - Kali Carb 200 once a week. Influenza 30 or 200 1 or 2 times in viral fever. Influenza is often followed by severe cough and the patient becomes weak - Kali Phos 6x 4 tablets 3 times a day for 10 days. Sore throat with cold, difficulty in swallowing, thirst, pain worse at night - Mark Sol 30, twice a day for not more than 2 days. Wake up in the morning and sneeze - Savadila 6. Also Allium cepa 30, Natrum mure 30 are beneficial.
    * Stomach disease of children:-
    Children suffer more from stomach ailment after cold and cough. Stomach ache, rumbling in stomach, pain from side to side, child tossing and turning in bed, crying, thin stool, less appetite, etc. Abdominal rumbling, pain from side to side - Carbo Veg 30. Food is not properly digested
    Abdominal rumbling -Nax Vom 30 Stomach rumbling after eating rich food - Pulsatilla 6 or 30. Biting or writhing in stomach, so violent that patient lies or sits with knees bent - Colocynth 30. Teeth marks on tongue, saliva at mouth, mucus or mango mark salt in stool. 30 It works only 2 or 4 timesThe child does not want to eat, cries and takes it in the arms, the crying stops - Chamomilla 30. The child has not used the toilet for two or three days, is not hungry, gas in the stomach - Harupikam 30 will work if given once or twice. Sometimes hard work doesn't work. In that case, Alumina can cause 200 symptoms, so the doctor should only select the patient's symptoms and give treatment, and the patients should consult an experienced doctor.
    * Adequate sleep:-
    Adequate sleep is very effective in boosting the immune system of the child. Lack of sleep increases stress, which reduces oxygen supply to the brain. Children need at least 10 to 14 hours of sleep every day
    * Take care at home:-
    In these difficult times, it is wise to take care of the newborn at home right after birth. Because the less children can be taken outside, the better. Many put the child under house arrest immediately after birth.
    Spending months in a closed room with closed doors and windows is not at all desirable for a child. Since skin disease in newborns is an issue, allow enough light and air to enter the room during the day. It kills the bacteria that are trapped in it. Arrange for the child to be exposed to the Prothom-alo of the morning sun every day.
    This sunshine increases immunity in the child's body, relieves skin diseases. There is no substitute for the child's external well-being. Hold the newborn's soft little arms and legs and move them a little. Massage the oil regularly on the body and take bath. You will see that the child's body is being exercised and small problems are being solved. A quiet room at night, dim lighting, and sometimes soothing music can help a baby sleep. Remember, it is not advisable to literally bring medicine from the pharmacy and feed it to the baby.
    Children who are a little older need a balanced diet. In addition to food, a strong action plan can be encouraged in various activities including not panicking about Corona, talking about hope, playing in stories, reading books.
    * Contact the doctor:- Not all treatments are done at home. Physical and mental condition of the child. So, watch your baby well. Check his crying pattern. Note outward gestures.
    If it doesn't feel normal, contact an experienced doctor over the phone. Now many experts are offering this service online. Contact them. It is certain that your conceptualized diseases and over-the-counter medicines can cause serious harm to the child at any time. Talk to the doctor without any worries, you will get good results.
    * Ensure social distancing:-
    Ensure social distancing during this time of Corona. Social distance does not mean the distance of family members, but keep some distance from visiting relatives for the safety of you and your child.
    Explain everything to them. Inform about current illness. Discuss ways to be good to everyone, you will see that they will also slowly understand and teach others. Stay 6 feet apart if you need to go anywhere. Not taking children to public places is the right decision. If the children become restless from home, you can move them to an open place where there is no human noise. However, in this case you have to ensure the travel destination, vehicle, food and environment.
    * Breastfeeding:-
    Since small children cannot speak, they cry loudly in case of any problem. Many may make your ears heavy with this cry. Sometimes superstition can encourage taking action. Sometimes it can steer you in the wrong direction. In that case if you don't know anything then you may face problem. Now there are many apps available online which have everything in detail, you can download it, you can understand the pros and cons to some extent. Remember, there is no substitute for mother's breast milk. It is the primary and main medicine of all diseases. Because it contains many important elements including protein, fat, iron, vitamins. Therefore, breastfeeding should not be stopped by any means.
    * Use a face shield, not a mask:-
  • What have you thought about your child where the adults wear face and nose masks and are confused? Remember, the newborn's breathing is very small. Also, no child should wear a mask until the age of 2 years.
  • When going out as needed, wrap the child's towel neatly around the body and head and wear a face shield. Being silent on child vaccination in this time of Corona is completely stupid. This vaccine should be given on time to prevent disease. For babies who are quite big, there are baby masks. Choose your favorite color and design. But care should be taken in the quality and acceptability of the mask.
  • * Practice hand washing:-
  • When the baby learns to crawl, it grabs it with its hands. So, arrange to wash his hands. Different baby soaps can be used to kill germs. In this way, if children can be taught everything from childhood, maybe these children will grow up and become more aware. From today, ensure your health as well as the health of the child. Finally, we hope that we will be well, our children will be well. Stay home, stay healthy, take care of children in this uncertain journey.

The writer is a Founder and Chairman,Jatiya Rogi Kalyan Society

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