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Friday, 24 May 2024
UK BNP President in New York : US AL urges leaders, activists to be remain alert

UK BNP President in New York : US AL urges leaders, activists to be remain alert

USA Bureau

President of the United States Awami League Dr Siddiqur Rahman in a statement alleged the UK BNP President Malek has come to to New York to create chaos with the specific agenda while Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is in a official visit here to attend the 78th United Naations General Assembly (UNGA).

If Malek engages in terrorist activities in front of the United Nations or Hotel Marriott Marquis on September 22 with his terrorist leaders and activists at the direction of convicted BNP leader Tarique Rahman, the leaders and activists of the United States Awami League will strongly resist under the laws of this country.

We are noticing that in view of the 12th National Assembly elections, convicted Tarique Rahman called leaders and activists from the United States to London and gave them instructions to carry out terrorist activities during the Prime Minister's visit.

On the 1st of May last, in front of the World Bank Headquarters, the US BNP engaged in domestic terrorist activities and injured several participants of the peaceful assembly organized by the US Awami League.

Legally, BNP has the right to criticize or protest against the government. If they create anarchy in the United States in the name of protest, Awami League will resist it.

He also called upon pro-liberation forces to be careful and said that Sheikh Hasina's government is needed again and again. We need a government to fulfill Bangabandhu's dream again and again.

I wish that the Prime Minister's participation in the United Nations General Session will be successful in all aspects, Dr Siddiqur Rahman added.

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