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Sunday, 26 March 2023
Two RU students arrested

Two RU students arrested

RU Correspondent

Two students of Rajshahi University (RU) were picked up at 7 am on early Sunday from a mess at Chakpara area of Chandrima police station of the city by introducing themselves as law enforcement officials, said Mirazul Islam, the elder brother of one of the victims.

The students are Md. Rezwan Islam and Shakib, students of 2018-19 academic year of Printmaking department of the university.

Mirazul, brother of Md Rezwan alleged that the police at Chandrima police station did not accept the general diary regarding the disappearance of his younger brother.

Rezwan said, “I came to Rajshahi last Saturday and was staying in my brother Rezwan’s mess. On Sunday morning 4 to 5 people wearing civil dress came to the mess and questioned Rezwan and Shakib in the name of law enforcement. Later they beat them and took with them.”

“When I asked them to show their identity card, they did not show that and took my contact number and told that they would contact me later if needed,” said Rezwan.

Imran Hossain, officer-in-charge of Chandrima police station, said, “We have not been informed about this yet. The senior officials of RMP are well aware of this incident.”

Rajshahi University proctor Professor Ashabul Haque, said, “Since the two students were not taken from the campus, we were not informed. And we also don’t know whether they are involved in any crime or not.”

“We will take measures after learning of the matter,” stated Proctor.

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