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Thursday, 23 May 2024
Two killed rival group clash in Rajnagar

Two killed rival group clash in Rajnagar

Moulvibazar Correspondent

Two people were killed and five others were injured in a clash between two sides due to a land dispute in Tulapur village of Fatepur union of Rajnagar upazila of Moulvibazar. The incident took place in Tulapur village of Fatepur Union of the upazila at around 3 o'clock on Friday, September 23.

The deceased are Helal Mia (40) and Kajal Mia (22), son of Nur Mia of Tulapur village. The injured are Zubair Mia (25), Pongki Mia (60), UP member Md Lutfur Rahman, Jhunur and Chemai Das. All the injured are under treatment at Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital. According to local sources, there was a dispute over land between Raju Das and Dhiru Das. On Friday, Dhiru Das and Raju Das's people encroached the place by planting trees, and the two families clashed. At that time UP members of the area arrived at the scene.

Raju Dash's men attacked the UP member when he tried to calm the situation. At that time, Helal Mia and Kajal Mia, who were with the UP member, were seriously injured. Injured Helal Mia and Kajal Mia died on the way to the hospital. UP member Md. Lutfur Rahman said that there is a dispute over land between Dhiru Das and Raju Das. I arbitrate to settle this dispute. Today, Raju Dash's people forcibly occupied the land.

As an arbiter I go to the scene to calm the situation. When Raju Dash's men got excited, a clash took place. At least five people were injured, including two of the arbitration parties. Sub-Inspector (SI) of Rajnagar Police Station Suleiman Ahmad said, I was informed about the incident.

I tried to calm down the situation by attending the spot. Currently there is tension in the area. Rajnagar Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Binay Bhuson Roy said that preparations are underway for a case in the police station. Police are deployed at the scene.

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