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Thursday, 23 May 2024
Transport workers clashes, injured 15, police fire several rounds in Kishoreganj over supremacy

Transport workers clashes, injured 15, police fire several rounds in Kishoreganj over supremacy

Staff Reporter, Kishoreganj

At least 15 people injured in a clashes. between the two sides of the transport workers based on previous disputes and dominance at Interdistrict bus terminal in the town on Monday evening.

Police fired 11 rounds of blank bullets to stop both sides. In this incident, 15 workers, including the president of the District Motor Workers Union, Qaiser Ahmed Qayyum and former office secretary Abdullah Al Mamun, were injured. In this incident, the transport workers union has stopped the bus movement from the bus stand to all roads.

Additional SP ( Sadar circle) Md. Al Amin Hossain confirmed the matter in the incident and said that on receiving information about the clash, the police came to the spot and brought the situation under control by firing lathi charge and 11 rounds of empty rubber bullets.The situation is currently under control, additional SP added.

In this regard, the President of Kishoreganj Transport Workers Union, Kaiser Ahmed Qayyum, said that the joint decision of the bus station owners' association and workers' union will be implemented. The owners will get Tk 10-15 lakhs from Manik Sarkar, chairman of Yatayat Paribahan. Driving will be stopped until this amount is paid. A case will be filed against them. All bus routes will remain closed until the arrest of those who attacked us.

The bus terminal leader Abdullah Al Mamun, said that 50 buses of transportation have been closed for 18 days. Shafiqul Islam Manik demanded a contribution of Tk 5 lakh. Then he said, not a single car will run if the subscription is not paid. When we went to start the bus on Tuesday afternoon, the counter manik asked us to take it back. When we asked why we were behind the counter, we were attacked. One of our labor leaders, Kanchan, was seriously injured. He was admitted to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital. I myself was injured in this incident.



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