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Monday, 25 September 2023
The whole country is burning in heat: sun and rain are precious blessings of God

The whole country is burning in heat: sun and rain are precious blessings of God

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed

The whole country is burning in unbearable heat and heat. There is a cry for rain across the country. People's life has been affected by extreme heat. A record heat has been created in the capital Dhaka. Meteorologists are trying to reassure the people of the country in various ways.

This is what will happen, the relief of the rain will come soon. But what do we know about the real news? When and when will this fountain of mercy flow? When will this fever be eliminated? Not knowing and not knowing this is the faith of a Muslim.

Rain is one of the processes directly controlled by God. Rain makes the land fertile and productive. Plants and grass become alive and beautiful in the rain. In severe drought, when the land is cracked by the scorching heat of summer, the nature around is full of life, then by the divine inspiration of the great Lord, a shower of rain infuses the world with new life. Nature becomes alive.

Dying Bashundhara regains her vitality and fragrance. The people of some parts of the country, including the capital, are well aware of how great a blessing rain is. Howling for rain in all directions. Everyone is waiting for the rain of mercy.

In the absence of rain and drought, one should pray for rain in the court of Almighty Allah. If you take refuge in the Creator, Allah will definitely remove the dangers, sufferings, and troublesIn this context, the Holy Qur'an says, 'Rather, He (Allah) Who created the heavens and the earth and sends down rain for you from the sky, then We (Allah) create beautiful gardens with them, and you (man) have the power to grow their trees. No. (Surah Namal)

Ibrahim Ibnu Munzeer (Rah.) On the authority of Ibn Umar (R.A.), the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, "The keys to knowledge of the unseen (the future) are five keys, which no one knows except Allah."

That is, one. No one but Allah knows what will happen in the future. Two. No one but Allah knows what is in a mother's womb. Three. No one but Allah knows when the rain will come. Four. No person knows where he will die and five. No one but Allah knows when Qiyaamat will take place. (Bukhari, Hadith No-4336)

And if Allah wills, He revives his body from the dead and makes the air clean. Every drop of rain falls as a stream of Allah's mercy. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also taught to remember the Lord when it rains.

Hazrat Ma Ayesha Radiyallahu Anha said, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam used to say when he saw rain coming down, 'Allahumma Sayyiban Nafia' meaning O Allah, shower beneficial rain on us.

> Life on earth through rain

Allah Ta'ala has placed all the materials for the living of the creatures in moderation and in the right place. He has enlivened and enlivened nature through the verdant nature, the lush landscape and the forest.

He said in the Holy Qur'an, "It is He who sent down water from the sky, then I produced all kinds of plants through it." Then I produced from it the green crop, from which I produced the double seed.

Take out bunches from the palm tree, which is bent, and the vineyard, the olive, the anna, similar and dissimilar to each other. Observe the fruits of different plants, when the cuttings fall and note their maturity. Surely in them are signs for the believers.' (Surah An'am, verse: 99

> Rain is comfort in summer

When people and nature become exhausted in the heat of summer, rain appears with the promise of absolute peace at the command of Allah. Day and night incessant rains swayed the human mind. Seventy percent of the country's water needs are met through rainwater.

Birds would not sing if this liquid stream did not flow from the sky. Life and nature would die. Nature becomes fresh and pure through rain. In the Holy Qur'an, rain, the cause of rain, the gift of rain, the teaching of rain and the creator of rain have been repeatedly highlighted. Ershad says, 'Allah sends down water from the sky and with it He revives the earth after its death. Surely in it are signs for a people who listen.' (Surah Nahl: 65).

> Seeking Allah's mercy on rainy days

Rain is a mercy on the one hand, in some cases it is also a curse. Because of this Rasul (pbuh)Whenever he saw rain, he used to pray to God for beneficial rain. Narrated by Hazrat Ayesha (R.A.): Rasulullah (S.A.W.) used to say when it rained, 'Allahumma Sayyiban Nafia. (O Allah! You make this rain flowing and beneficial).' (Sunan Nasa'i: 1523).

> To fear Allah when the wind blows

Sometimes when he saw the gusty wind and thick clouds, the face of Rasool (PBUH) would show a look of panic. He paced back and forth anxiously. Then when it rained, he was happy. And this instability would be removed from him. Hazrat Ayesha (RA)He said, when I asked him about this, he said, "I am afraid that no punishment will befall my Ummah." When he saw rain, he would say, "Merciful." (It is the mercy of Allah.' (Muslim: 1969). Narrated by Hazrat Ayesha (R.A.), in another hadith, Rasul (S.A.) When he saw a cloud rising at the edge of the sky, he would leave all nafl worship; Even in prayer. Then he used to say, 'O Allah! I seek refuge with you from its evil.' When it rains, he used to say, 'O Allah! Give blessed and sweet water.' (Sunan Abi Dawud: 5199).

> Praying for rain

Pronunciation: Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin, Ar Rahmanir Rahim, Ma-Liki Yaomiddin, La-Ilaha Illallahu Yaf'alu Ma-Yurid, Alla-Humma Antalla-hu La-Ilaha Illa-Antal Ganiyu wa Nahnul Fuqara-u, Anzil Alainal Gaysa Waj' Al ma-anjalta lana-quwatan wa balagan ila-hin.

Meaning: All praise is due to Allah. He is Lord of all the worlds, Merciful and Forgiving. Payback Day Owner. There is no true god but Allah. He does whatever he wants. O Allah, there is no god but You. you are impatient And we are poor - waiting for you. You make it rain on us. And make the thing (rain) that You send down a way of strength and a long-lasting path for us.

Benefit: Ayesha (RA) said, when people offered to Rasulullah (SAW) about the hardship of non-rainfall, Rasulullah (SAW) made this dua with the Companions at the Eidgah. Then by the command of Allah, it started raining. Nabiji laughed to see people running to get rid of the rain. (Abu Dawud, Hadith: 1173)

> Prayer for rain

Sunshine and rain are God's mercy and blessings. Just as rain is needed in almost many aspects of human life, including agricultural work and growing crops, the need for sunshine and heat from the sun is just as important. But due to human actions and actions nature changes. At different times the level of some is more or less. There is a discussion about this in the Quran-Hadith.

If there is no rain during a severe heat wave, various complications arise. Many times people suffer from difficulties and hardships. Then it is Sunnah to pray to Allah for rain to fulfill the need. In Arabic it is called 'Istiska' or 'wetting prayer'.

> Salatul Istiska; Praying for rain

And praying for rain, two rakat prayers are performed collectively in the congregation. It is called 'Salatul Istiska'. The Imam Sahib stood facing the Qibla and extended his hands and prayed for the rain of mercy. The worshipers also prayed in Kaymanobaky.

In fact, for the forgiveness of sins, it is necessary to sincerely repent and seek forgiveness from Allah. If someone destroys the rights or human rights of others, they should be restored. It is only then that Allah fulfills the desires of people and moistens the nature with rain.
Finally, I would like to say that if there is a single rain in this hot summer sun, it will be a relief. The verbal soul will be soothed and moistened by the outpouring of mercy. Sanat and Ardya-Medur will be poisoned atmosphere. The people will be excited with joy and the rain will fall mainly by the mercy of God. I pray to Almighty Allah to purify us with the rain of His mercy. May Allah Ta'ala grant the Muslim Ummah the tawfiq to pray for welfare during the rains according to the guidance of Islam. Grant the Tawfiq to do the right deeds on the Qur'an-Hadith. Amen.

Author, Founder Chairman,Jatiya Rogi Kallyan Society

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