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Thursday, 13 June 2024
Sugarcane juice selling gains momentum in heat wave in Tarail

Sugarcane juice selling gains momentum in heat wave in Tarail

Tarail (Kishorganj) Correspondent

Customers are thronging the shops to drink sugarcane juice in the intense heat of Kishoreganj.

On Wednesday (May 22) around noon, a mobile sugarcane juice shop was seen in front of the Upazila Sadar Bazar land office.

Muhammad Ali, a sugarcane juice seller from Neimatpur area of neighboring Karimganj upazila, is coming to Tarail Sadar market to sell sugarcane juice. In front of the land office, he grinds sugarcane with a machine, extracts the juice and fills the glass in the hands of the buyers. Drinking the juice with great satisfaction. Someone takes another glass. Many others are waiting around the shop for juice.

Sugarcane juice seller Muhammad Ali said that sugarcane juice is being sold more due to high temperature. The juice is sold from 11 am to 7 pm. Some take it home in bottles. As it is sunny all day, the people who come to the market mostly consume sugarcane juice. He also said that the amount of sugarcane we bring is sold. I am selling sugarcane juice for 10-20 rupees per glass.

When asked how it is sold, he said, I can sell sugarcane juice of 3 to 4 thousand rupees per day. There is a profit of 1000 to 1500 taka. Another sugarcane juice seller, a young man named Rabbi, said that sales have increased in the last few days. Demand for sugarcane juice has increased due to high temperatures. Now I am selling sugarcane juice every day. Laborers especially rickshaw and van drivers consume more juice in summer. Besides, many people bottle the juice and take it home.

Shapla Begum of Shamukjani village of Tarail-Sachail Sadar Union of upazila comes to get bottled sugarcane juice for her children. He said it was very hot. I am coming to the market to buy sugarcane juice. Shops are crowded. Must be in cereal for sugarcane juice.

It has been found that mobile juice sellers sell sugarcane juice every day in the upazila Sadar area, village markets, roadsides or other crowded places. Demand for juice has increased several times due to heat. Public life has become unbearable in the intense heat. Working people are in dire straits. Common people are seen drinking sugarcane juice to meet their water needs. Common people panting in the heat find relief in cold sugarcane juice.

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