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Sunday, 27 November 2022
Shashi Tharoor praises new book on Indian mythology

Shashi Tharoor praises new book on Indian mythology

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Saksham Garg’s ‘Samsara: Enter the Valley of the Gods’, which is a mythological fantasy novel, is garnering bright reviews ever since it came out in September, 2022. Some are calling it as ‘India’s answer to Harry Potter’ while some are simply amazed by Samsara’s portrayal of Indian mythology. The novel, revolving around Aman Chandra and ten other Souls of Samsara, is said to be a perfect read for the fans of Harry Potter and Immortals of Meluha, reports BusinessToday.in.

The mythological fable found a fan in Member of Parliament and author Shashi Tharoor, who said the book “brings to life a world of Indian mythology”. Ace author Krishna Udayasankar said that the mythological fantasy is “India’s answer to Harry Potter”.

The story explains what happens when Aman and other Souls of Samsara are kidnapped from a present-day India and transported to a majestic Himalayan valley. Their phones stop working and the smartwatches on those wrists die. The Souls of Samsara commence a journey in the place home to Hindu gods, immortal yogis and mythical beasts, to learn ancient yogic sorcery and gear up for the perilous journey ahead. ‘Samsara’ unravels how Aman’s journey will define the fate of an entire nation. As the king of gods passes a controversial order.

Saksham Garg, who is an editor at Penguin Random House India, was in Mussoorie for six years, studying from where he could see the snow-capped Seven Hills. These hills are the same he writes about in the story ‘Samsara’.

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