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Monday, 15 July 2024
Saudi ambassador in Dhaka arranged Ifar party for diplomats

Saudi ambassador in Dhaka arranged Ifar party for diplomats

Diplomatic Correspondent

Iftar or Fast Breaking at Sun Set is a significant righteous ritual of the Ramadan Kareem. It is learnt from the Prophet’s Hadith that, if a person makes a fast-keeper break the fast with food and drink, will obtain the same righteousness as the fast keeper receives from Allah.

Perhaps, in compliance with this holy idea and good will gesture, H.E. Essa Yousef Essa Alduhailain, Ambassador of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Dhaka, arranged a sumptuous Iftar Mehfil of the glorified Ramadan Kareem, at the embassy in Dhaka yesterday evening.

Diplomats of different countries, high officials, journalists and local elite attended the grand Iftar party. The ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Dhaka offered this Iftar party as a good will gesture with the Muslim brethren in this glorified Ramadan Kareem.

Iftar or the fast-breaking at sunset is a significant part of Ramadan worship according to the Hadith of prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him. According to the hospitable tradition of the Saudi Arabian people, the ambassador Saudi Arabia in Dhaka arranged ample sumptuous and succulent dishes of Iftar for the invited guests for their satiation.

“We are much pleased to have been entertained with rich Iftar and kind treatment of the host embassy,” said Mr. Abdul Karim, an invitee to the Iftar party.

Islamic scholars say, Iftar party brings the Muslims closer, and helps them forge unity, brotherhood, faith and understanding with each other.

So, Iftar party is not mere a party of meals, but it has also has a far-reaching significance in improving brotherly relationship among people.

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