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Friday, 12 April 2024
RMCH’s 16 employees transferred due to allegations of corruption

RMCH’s 16 employees transferred due to allegations of corruption

Rangpur Correspondent

The Department of Health has finally transferred 16 employees including Ward Master, an influential syndicate of the corruption and anarchy cycle of Rangpur Medical College Hospital to different parts of the country.

Besides, 12 office

assistants, stono typists, cleaners, security guards and a ward master are among those who have received transfer orders.

This public nuisance caused various types of nuisance including receiving dowry while taking care of the doctor's mother. In the face of the movement of doctors in the wake of the cycle last, a notification signed by Director (Administration) of the Department of Health Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shamiul Islam last Tuesday ordered 16 employees of Rangpur Medical College Hospital to join the transferred/delegated workplaces within the next seven days. Otherwise they will be directly exempted from eight days.

Ward Master Abul Hasan has been transferred to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College Hospital in Faridpur, cleaner Hashina Begum has been transferred to Bhuyapur Upazila Health Complex in Tangail, security guard Rahmat Ali has been transferred to Itna Upazila Health Complex in Kishoreganj, and Stono Typist Abdul Alim has been transferred to Patuakhali Civil Surgeon Office. Recently Ward Master Abul Hasan was caught red-handed by Deputy Director Mokaddem Hossain while stealing hospital goods. He is also accused of stealing two ACs.

Office Assistant Al-Amin at Netrakona Modern Sadar Hospital, Hamidul Islam at Sherpur Sadar Hospital, Morshed Habib at Tangail General Hospital, Shahzada Mia at Rajbari Sadar Hospital, Abu Jafar at Madaripur Sadar Hospital, Sirajul Islam at Mithamain Health Complex, Beauty Akhtar at National Cancer Research Institute Hospital, Vanuram Sarkar Nawabganj Health Complex, Nuruzzaman has been posted at Taherpur Health Complex, Raic Uddin at Jagannathpur Health Complex, Mohit Al Rashid Uday at Jamalpur Sadar Hospital and Dulal Basunia at Galachipa Health Complex in Patuakhali.
It is to be noted that on September 17, while getting his mother admitted to Rangpur Medical College Hospital, the Junior Consultant Doctor ABM Rashedul Amir was harassed by the "Bakshish" syndicate. The next day, the doctor made a written complaint to various departments including the director of the hospital, mentioning some names. In the context of this incident, the hospital authorities formed an inquiry committee with its members. At the same time, two hospital staff were dismissed in this incident.

In this last Monday, the medical society organized a human chain and organized a protest against the unfair cycle of violence, irregularity, mismanagement and public distribution at the Rangpur Medical College Hospital. A call was made to the stakeholders to prevent the violence of the broker circle, including bringing back the service and education environment in Rangpur Medical College Hospital from the human chain. That day Rangpur Medical College Principal Bimal Roy complained that they are also hostages to the fourth class employees. Patients are also suffering because of this syndicate.

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