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Sunday, 14 July 2024
Rangamati ready to welcome tourists during Eid holidays

Rangamati ready to welcome tourists during Eid holidays

Rangamati Correspondent

Mountains and nature are dressed differently in monsoon. A lot of tourists come to Rangamati to enjoy this different form of hill. Therefore, around the holy Eid-ul-Azhar holiday, all kinds of preparations have been completed by the businessmen and law enforcement agencies of the district's tourism-related sector to welcome the tourists.

It is known that every year many tourists visit the tourist cities of Rangamati and Sajek Valley during the Eid holidays. The beautiful hanging bridge of Rangamati, the boat trip in the clear water Kaptai lake, the cloudless green hills and the mountain springs attract these nature-loving tourists. Tourist Motels and Holiday Complexes, District Police Paulwell Park, DC Bungalow, DC Park, Sukhi Nilganj, Bangabandhu Mural, Rajban Vihar, Chakma Rajar Bari, Shaheed Bir Shrestha Munsi Abdur Rauf Memorial Shrine, Sublong Jharna Spot, Baragang , Lovepoint, Burgill Lake and many more sightseeing and enjoyable spots, are all around the city for sightseeing.

Meanwhile, along with the tourist police, various law enforcement agencies are active to provide travel security to the arriving tourists. Businessmen also expect a large number of tourists to arrive during the holidays.

Alok Vikas Chakma, manager of Rangamati Tourism Motel and Holiday Complex, said, "We are expecting a large number of tourists to gather in Rangamati this Qurbani Eid. 70% of the rooms in our motel have already been booked in advance. Bookings are open till June 24. These days there is a hundred percent chance of booking. Our entire complex is decorated. We are making all kinds of preparations to welcome tourists. Ready to welcome tourists.

According to the concerned authorities of Rangamati Residential Hotel Owners Association, 30 percent discount is given to hotel room bookings for tourists every Eid. Already, 70-75 percent of the rooms in the city's residential hotels have been booked in advance. The law and order situation in Rangamati is now very good. Rangamati's tourism industry will progress rapidly if the administration keeps a watchful eye.

Suparna Dev, president of Sajek Cottage Owners Association, said that Sajek has already booked about 60 percent. We hope our business will be good during this Eid holiday. But we would tell tourists that no one should travel to Sajek without booking a cottage. Because every year we have to face an unexpected situation due to the influx of more tourists.

Rangamati Zone Tourist Superintendent of Police (SP) Mohiul Islam said that preparations of tourist police have already been completed for the safety of tourists on the occasion of the holy Eid-ul-Azha. We will deploy three levels of police. We will have a mobile team of tourist police at various tourist spots. We will also provide security at various launch and boat ghats. Besides, there will be another motorcycle team to patrol the tourist spots. Hope all the tourists visiting Rangamati can enjoy a peaceful and safe trip.

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