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Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Rajbari farmers expect bumper yield of onion seeds

Rajbari farmers expect bumper yield of onion seeds

Moynul Haque Mridha, Rajbari

Onion seeds known as hidden 'black gold' are swaying in the wind of white flowers across vast fields in different parts of Rajbari district.

The golden dream of the farmer is in the black seed between the white flowers. If the weather is favorable this season, there is a possibility of a bumper yield of black gold onion seeds in Rajbari.

Onion seed farmers say that the production of onion seeds (seeds) is very profitable but there are also risks. If the weather is favorable, production is good and profitable. And if it's bad, the farmers will lose their hands.

It is learnt that the soil and climate of Rajbari district is very suitable for onion and onion seed production. Onion seeds produced in this district are excellent in terms of quality and value. Therefore, Rajbari district ranks 3rd in onion production in the whole country. 14 percent of the onion produced in the country comes from this district. The produced seeds are sent to different parts of the country to satisfy the demand of the district.

According to the sources of the Rajbari Agricultural Extension Department office, the seeds of Faridpuri and Taherpuri varieties are cultivated in Rajbari. Onion seeds have been planted in 42 hectares in Sadar, 44 hectares in Pancha, 44 hectares in Kalukhali, 10 hectares in Baliakandi and 5 hectares in Goaland this year. In the last financial year, onion seeds were cultivated in 172 hectares of land, but in the current year, less cultivation has taken place in 29 hectares of land. If 500/600 kg of onion seeds are produced per hectare, farmers can collect more than 80 metric tons of onion seeds this year.

It has been seen from the surface that round shaped white flowers with green tips are swaying in the wind at a height of 2 feet from the ground in Bahadurpur and Baliadanga areas of Ujanchar Union of Goalundo Upazila of Rajbari. Moreover, the farmers are spending busy time in last time care.

Md. Golzar Hossain Mridha, onion seed farmer of Baliadanga village, has been cultivating onion seeds for 10 years. This year he cultivated onion seeds in 6 bigha land. If the weather is good, he expects a bumper yield from onion seeds.

Humayun Ahmed, an onion seed grower of Torap Sheikh neighborhood of Daulatdia Union, said that he has planted onion seeds in 2 bigha of land this season. He also said that it costs 50-60 thousand taka to plant onion seeds in one bigha of land.

And onion seed production is more than two per bigha which can be sold for more than one and a half lakh rupees. If the weather is good, apart from the cost, the profit of growing these onion seeds will be more than double, so they are known as 'black gold'.

Goalundo Upazila Agriculture Officer. Khokon Uzzaman said that farmers have cultivated onion seeds on a total of 5 hectares of land in this upazila. There are fears of a bumper yield of onion seeds as the temperature of the sun has increased for the past few days. But if the weather is good, the farmers will benefit a lot.

Deputy Director of Rajbari Agricultural Extension Department. Abul Kalam Azad said, Rajbari district has been playing a special role in onion seed production. Last year onion seeds were cultivated in 172 hectares of land. In the current financial year it has reduced to 143 hectares. If there is no natural calamity this year the yield will be 500 to 600 kg per hectare.

The seeds will be sold at the rate of 2-5 thousand taka per kg depending on the quality of the seeds.

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