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Thursday, 29 February 2024
Rabindra University festival being celebrated with various events

Rabindra University festival being celebrated with various events


Shahzadpur (Sirajganj) Correspondent

Rabindra University Festival 2023 is celebrating two -day festival from December 8 at Shahjadpur in Sirajganj. The programme of the first day of the festival started with a joyous rally at 3:30 pm on Friday.

The procession started from Academic Bhawan-1 of the university and went around various roads of the city and ended at Academic Bhawan-3. After that, the academic building of Rabindra University-3 was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Dr. Md. Shah Azam.Rabindra University admits fresh students admitted in the academic year 2022-23.

Rabindra University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr.Md. Shah Azam in his speech of chief guest, said, Rabindra University is working to build a new educational culture through the joint participation of the teachers and students of Rabindra University with the aim of invigorating the spirit of Bengali nationalism and Bengaliness.

We want to organize a festival at the beginning of winter in this direction.Rabindra University is organizing the two-day Rabindra University Utsav to foster an inclusive learning environment which is a great pleasure for me.We want to say that we are committed to education, research and human development through this festival organized with the slogan 'Urdhwapane Chali, Akashere Chedi' Thank you to all those who have supported Rabindra University in this journey.

Rabindra University teachers, students, journalist representatives of Rabindra University and journalists from Sirajganj and Shahjadpur were present.

After the discussion, the pitha festival was inaugurated by the vice-chancellor professor Dr.Md. Shah Azam.The program of the first day ended with a mesmerizing cultural performance by the teachers and students of Rabindra University.Ignoring the hostile weather, the presence of Rabindra University teachers-students, officials-employees and people from different areas of Shahjadpur and Sirajganj made this event of Rabindra University colorful.

Rabindra University Ladies Club has prepared various events on the occasion of Women's Day on December 9.

In addition to the discussion meeting, Chirkut, a popular band formed by women, will perform music to inspire and encourage women on this day. There will be pitha festival on both days of the festival.

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