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Thursday, 13 June 2024
Puthia mayor again sent to jail for abusing of women, children

Puthia mayor again sent to jail for abusing of women, children

Rajshahi Correspondent

Puthiya Poroshava newly sacked Mayor has sent to jail with woman scandal case by order of district court in Rajshahi on Tuesday. To learned court order that recently sacked mayor and BNP leader Al Mamun Khan sent to jail without bail.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives, Mayor was suspended on November 22 for being accused of abuse of women and children under Section 31 (1) of the Municipal Act 2009. According to the source of the case, he surrendered on Monday (January 2) and applied for bail.

At that time, Women and Child Torture Court (2) Judge Hasanuzzaman Ripon has ordered to send him to jail without granting her bail. An allegation of rape of a college student of Sadar area was made against her for the temptation of giving her a job in the municipality. Later, the victim student filed a rape case in the name of the mayor as a plaintiff (Case No. 6
dated 05-09-2022).

The mayor has been absconding ever since the case was registered. But Mayor Mamun was arrested from a place in Barguna district on September 7 through police technology. After which the mayor was on bail till the final report was submitted by the police station.

Advocate Ibrahim Hossain said that accused Al Mamun bail period was expired for last December. The court issued an arrest warrant against the accused because he did not appear in court on time. When he appeared in court on Monday, his side IG applied for bail.

The court denied him bail and sent him to jail. Victim college student said, since the case was filed against the mayor, 8 cases including section 107 have been filed against her and her father and mother through his associates.

In addition, the mayor's associates are constantly threatening that more cases will be filed. Finally, demanding strict relief of the victim mayor.
Puthia OC Suhrawardy Hossain said, the victim's health was examined at that time on the complaint of rape.

The report of the health examination was recently received. The hospital report found evidence of rape. He accordingly sent the final report from the police station to the court.

On the other hand, in the year 2021, a hospital nurse of Durgapur upazila was raped by the temptation of marriage.

In that incident, the victim became pregnant. Later, the victim filed a rape case with the police station accusing the mayor.

Case No-13 dated 11-04-2021 Eng. However, a few days after the incident, the complaint was cleared due to the lobbying by top leader of A-League.

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