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Friday, 14 June 2024
Press conference of the released BNP leader in Shibganj

Press conference of the released BNP leader in Shibganj

Shibganj (Bogura) Correspondent

A leader recently released from BNP held a press conference in Shibganj, Bogura. He is Shibganj Union BNP Senior Vice President ABM Kamruzzaman Saki. In a written speech at a press conference organized at his residence at 10 am on Tuesday, he said, "If I had chosen the pineapple symbol of Shibganj Upazila Awami League President Mr. Mostafizar Rahman Mosta, then I would not have been exempted from BNP."

Because in the last Union Parishad elections, Shibganj Union BNP General Secretary Mr. Mokhleshur Rahman Sayed openly wore the boat symbol batch and elected but he was not exempted from the party. However, in the upcoming upazila parishad election, there is no boat symbol, there is no national symbol of any party, but false accusations were made against me and I was dismissed from the party. Which is against the constitution of Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

Because if someone has to be dismissed from any position in the party, he must first be warned because he has to be dismissed from the party after giving a notice of visitation. But it was not done in my case. The order of dismissal is false, dispassionate and fabricated. This false and fabricated exemption order has been roundly rejected by the grassroots workers of the local Jubodal/Sattra Dal and BNP.

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