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Sunday, 14 July 2024
Press conference of the newly elected vice chairman at Kalapara

Press conference of the newly elected vice chairman at Kalapara

Payra Port (Patuakhali) Correspondent

Newly-elected Female Vice-chairman of Upazila Parishad in Kalapara of Patuakhali, Shahina Parveen Seema held a press conference at her residence in New Bazaar area of the municipality on Saturday noon.

He gathered this news to protest against a small incident of breaking the office of Awami League.In a written speech at the press conference, he said, after winning the upazila council elections again, Rahman Talukdar, who was staying at the Awami League office, locked the office of Nilganj Union on June 9 when he reached Pakhimara in Nilganj Union to pay a courtesy call to voters. The supporters of Shahina Parveen Seema had an argument with him on this issue. Later, in order to divert the matter to a different sector, they are trying to get rid of our Awami League by arranging a fake drama of vandalizing the Awami League office.

In response to a question, Shahina Parveen Seema said, "My father late Anwar-ul-Islam was a Member of Parliament elected repeatedly from Patuakhali-4 Constituency." My elder brother Abdullah Al-Islam Liton contested from Patuakhali-4 seat in the 12th National Assembly Election, one of my cousins is the Chairman of Nilganj Union Parishad. Our entire family is dedicated to Awamig. However, Rahman Talukder was once a BNP National Party member. He mentioned in the news conference that he is trying to make a joke out of a small incident.

Meanwhile, when asked about the demolition of the party office, Nilganj Union Awamig Acting General Secretary Jagat Jiban Roy said that there has been an incident of bickering and slapping of the two sides over the opening or closing of the party office. He mentioned that there was no incident of breaking into the office.

Attempts were made to contact the accused Rahman Talukder for his statement, but he was not available.

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