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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
Potato prices to normalise within 2 to 3 days: Consumer rights DG

Potato prices to normalise within 2 to 3 days: Consumer rights DG

Staff Correspondent

Director General of the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection (DNCRP) AHM Shafikuzzaman has said potato prices will normalise within two to three days.

He expressed his optimisim to this end during a conversation with potato traders in a dialogue held at Bogura Deputy Commissioner (DC) office on Tuesday (19 September).

AHM Shafikuzzaman said the government will be advised to consider importing potatoes if businessmen do not comply with the specified price cap.

“We are with the Agriculture Department and intelligence agencies to look into the crisis and are hopeful that potato prices will normalise within the next two to three days. If this is not happened, I will send proposal to the government regarding the issuance of import permits for potatoes from abroad,” said the DNCRP chief.

While visiting R&R Potato Storage cold storage facility in Mokamtala of Shibganj upazila, Shafikuzzaman found evidence of potato hoarding and excessive profit-making.

After the meeting, the DNCRP Director General talked to journalists. He said, “The potato market has been volatile for the past one and a half months. As you all know, the market distribution system is in disarray. Today, we are here to rectify that situation."

“If potatoes are sold at Tk27 per kg at the cold storage level, it should be sold at Tk35-36 in the market,” he added.

Mentionable, three traders - Ripon Mia, 30, from Chakalma village, Shah Alam, 58, from Bharia village, and Zahid Hasan, 22, from Daimolla village - were detained for hoarding potatoes and failing to produce any invoices.

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