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Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Painter sentenced to death for strangling physically challenged person in Cumilla

Painter sentenced to death for strangling physically challenged person in Cumilla

Zakir Azad, Cumilla

The court of Cumilla has sentenced a Painter Md. Mukbul Hossain to death for strangling Gulshan due to illegal physical relationship with the physically challenged Gulshan Ara in Chandina, Cumilla. The learned Additional District and Sessions Judge of Cumilla , Judge Afroza Shiuli of the First Court gave this judgment on Tuesday afternoon.

The accused Md Mukbul Hossain who was sentenced to death is the son of deceased Manu Mia of Ranicha (Nayakandi) village of Cumilla Chandina Upazila. According to the details of the case - On August 11, 2015, after going to the shop to fetch tea at 7 pm, his relatives went to various places to search for Gulshan (8) in Dhincha field. After informing the police, the police recovered the body and prepared a report.

According to the source, the accused Md. Mukbul Hossain (35) with the physically challenged victim Gulshan Ara (25) was pregnant due to illegal sexual relations, but when the accused Md. Mukbul Hossain proposed marriage to her, she rejected it and on the day of the incident, the victim Gulshan Ara was called from home by Gulshan. On the east side of the house, Taju took Mia's body to the field, wrapped a veil around her neck, strangled her and left the body behind.

In this regard, Md Sharif (62), the son of the deceased Rob of Ranicha (Nayakandi) village of Cumilla Chandina Upazila, the father of the victim filed a case as an anonymous accused under Section 304/34 of the Penal Code on August 12, 2015, and the investigating officer SI Swapan Kumar Das, the victim of the case, Gulshan was killed. On the basis of the mobile phone of Ara (25), 18 days after the incident, the accused Md Mukbul (35), son of Manumiya of the same village, was arrested and handed over to the court. Later, investigating officer Swapan Kumar Das, after investigating the incident, filed a charge sheet in the learned court on January 25, 2016 under section 302 of the Penal Code as the charges brought against the accused Md. Muqbul Hossain were initially proved (No. 17).

When the instant case came to trial on October 2, 2016, after taking the testimony of 14 witnesses for the state in order to form the charge in the relevant section, the court awarded the death sentence to the accused Md. Mukbul Hossain after reviewing the confessional statement of the accused. Also paid a fine of 25 thousand taka. In the judgment, the death sentence of the accused was subject to the approval of the High Court Division and ordered to execute the death sentence by hanging on the rope until death.

Md Mukbul Hossain, the convicted accused, was present in the court when the verdict was announced. It is revealed that the accused Md. Mukbul Hossain is currently detained in jail since August 30, 2015. It is also known - Gulshan Ara (25), Sharmin (20) and Abu Saeed (30) among her four sisters and one brother are disabled since birth. Expressing his satisfaction with this verdict, learned strategist additional PP advocate for the state, Md. Niamat Ullah Chowdhury (Zaman) said - I hope the high court upholds this verdict and implements it quickly.

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