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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
Nepal for promoting economic partnership with Bangladesh as centerpiece of bilateral relations

Nepal for promoting economic partnership with Bangladesh as centerpiece of bilateral relations

Staff Correspondent

Nepalese Ambassador to Bangladesh Ghanshyam Bhandari has underscored the need for promoting economic partnership as the centerpiece of Bangladesh-Nepal relations.

He also shed light on the strong bilateral cooperation existing between Nepal and Bangladesh in areas including trade, transit, energy, tourism, connectivity, and education.

The Nepalese Embassy hosted a reception on Wednesday evening to celebrate the National Day and Constitution Day of Nepal.

The Ambassador highlighted that the day was a reminder of the moment in which political issues were settled and democratic gains institutionalized with the promulgation of the constitution in 2015.

"On this day, we celebrate the principles such as equality, social inclusion, justice, and proportional representation that underpin our constitution," he stated.

Speaking as the chief guest, State Minister for Water Resources Zaheed Farooque expressed happiness over the increasing trends of bilateral engagements between the two countries.

He underlined the importance of working further in areas such as trade, energy, tourism, and water resources management, among others.

Farooque dubbed LDC graduation as a significant development milestone for both Nepal and Bangladesh and stressed the need to work closely to ensure that graduation is smooth, sustainable, and irreversible.

A total of around 300 guests including political leaders of Bangladesh, high-level officials, ambassadors and heads of missions, members of the diplomatic community, representatives of international organizations, business leaders, media persons, and members of the Nepali community in Bangladesh were present at the event.

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