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Thursday, 28 September 2023
NCC Bank recognized as “Fastest Growing Banking Brand in Bangladesh-2023

NCC Bank recognized as “Fastest Growing Banking Brand in Bangladesh-2023"

Staff Correspondent

NCC Bank has recognized with a prestigious international award titled "Fastest Growing Banking Brand in Bangladesh-2023" for its commitment to growth, innovation and excellence in banking sector. Global Brands Magazine (GBM), a UK based international organization announced the awards recently.

It is mentionable that NCC Bank is now an acceptable & loyal brand to all customers by delivering outstanding financial services and creating exceptional customer experience with 30 years of its banking operations.

In this continuation, the Bank is focusing on technological development to attract young generation customers, women empowerment, giving importance on SME & Retail business, value edition of Credit & Debit cards, starting Islamic banking operation as well which will contribute to develop the future economic development of the country.

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