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Tuesday, 05 March 2024
Mustard cultivation increasing in Sherpur

Mustard cultivation increasing in Sherpur

Sherpur (Bogura) Correspondent

Farmers have cultivated Rabi crops mustard as an additional crop in Sherpur under Bogura . Mustard, which is popular as an oilseed, can be harvested in 70 days. Mustard oil seeds will be available from the end of February.

It has been seen on the ground that all kinds of crops have been cultivated in the fields of the upazilla. Field after field is filled with mustard yellow flowers. Everywhere we look there is only yellow and yellow. As the weather is still favorable, the farmers of this area are hoping for more yield. Crop fields are full of mustard flowers.

Wherever we look, we can only see yellow in the green. The swarm of bees has enhanced the beauty of the flower to catch the eye of the passerby. Sometimes swarms of insectivorous birds Bulbuls and Shaliks sit in mustard fields.

Farmers are tending to cultivate new varieties of mustard day by day. Mustard has been cultivated in almost all areas including Shalpha, Shubli, Boalkandi, Choubaria, Shaillapara, Nalbaria, Ghazaria, Talpukuria of Khanpur Union of the upazila, Jhajor, Bilnothar, Naldingipara, Ghordaur, Maguratair of Khamarkandi union, Shubogacha, Husnabad, Fulbari, Raninagar,Ramnogor of Garidaha Union. Farmers are cultivating mustard in several villages of 10 unions including Kafura, Ranbirbala.

Several farmers including farmers Ruhul Amin, Shafiqul Islam, Zeker Ali, Farhad Hossain said mustard is a profitable crop. This crop can be produced with less time and less cost. Also maintains the fertility of the land. It is easy to plant sharisa and Irri pady.

Moreover, to prevent adulterated oil, they produced mustard in their own land is broken and oil is used for home cooking. Mustard is a useful crop in all aspects. If the weather is favorable, we hope that the yield of mustard will be better this time.

In this regard, the upazilla agriculture officer Farzana Akhter said that mustard is cultivated in almost all the unions of the upazila. But in Khanpur, Khamarkandi, Sughat, Mirzapur and Garidah Union, mustard cultivation is more. This year, 500 hectares of land has been acquired more than the target.

Farmers are being encouraged by the Department of Agriculture to cultivate different varieties of mustard so that they can get more profit in a short period of time. With the aim of reducing the import of edible oil, mustard is being cultivated on more land in a planned manner, said sub assistant agriculture officer Mr. Mamun.

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