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Sunday, 02 April 2023
Motorcycle over speeding kills school girl in Kumarkhali

Motorcycle over speeding kills school girl in Kumarkhali

Kumarkhali ( Pirojpur) Correspondent

A student named Samia Afrin Sohagi (7) was killed after being hit by a speeding motorcycle in Kumarkhali, Kushtia on Monday noon.

In this incident, one more student along with the driver was seriously injured and is undergoing treatment in the hospital.

The accident happened in front of Charaikole Government Primary School No. 32 on the Kushtia-Rajbari Regional Highway.

The deceased student was a second class student of that school and a day laborer of Charaikol Hawtapara of Nandanalpur union of the upazila. Daughter of Sohan Sheikh. Injured Halima Akhter Munni (7) of the same area. Halim Ali's son and second class student of the same school. And the motorcycle driver of Kanchanpur Ratulpara of Kushtia Sadar Upazila. Son of Hekmat Ali. Naimul Hossain Nayan. He is a cosmetics businessman.

On the other hand, hundreds of students and locals of that school blocked the road due to the lack of spread breakers on the road in the school area and demanding justice for the killer driver in the road accident. The traffic on the road was stopped for about 30 minutes. After receiving the information, the Kumarkhali Thana Police reached the spot, accepted the demands of the blockaders and normalized the traffic.

OC Mohsin Hussain, officer-in-charge of Kumarkhali police station, said that one girl student of class II was killed and another student was injured after being hit by an Apache V4 motorcycle on the road in front of Kushtia-Rajbari Nandalalpur Union Parishad. The motorcycle and the driver are in our custody, police said.

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