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Monday, 27 May 2024
Mother of two children killed by ex-lover on Eid day

Mother of two children killed by ex-lover on Eid day

Debiganj (Panchagarh) Correspondent

Shahnaz Parveen, a housewife was killed by her ex-alien lover on the day of Eid in Debiganj, Panchagarh. This incident took place in Matiarpara area of Ward No. 5 of Chilahati Union of Upazila. Shahnaz is the wife of Abdu Majid of the same area.

Locals said that Shahnaz's husband Majid used to work in Dhaka. Shahnaz lived at home with her two children aged six years and four months.

In the meantime, neighbor Raju's relationship with Shahnaz develops. Later the members of Shahnaz's father-in-law's house came to know about it. The local people's representatives arbitrated this several times and settled it.

Shahnaz informs Raju that she will not have a relationship with him. But Raju has to pressure Shahnaz to continue the relationship. But Shahnaz was not agreeing to any of Raju's words. Because of this Raju went to Shahnaz's house at 9 am today and entered her room.

This time, Raju cut Shahnaz's airway with a sharp weapon. Stomach upset too. Shahnaz died on the spot. After confirming Shahnaz's death, Raju was seen by two children playing next to the house while he was running away. Shahnaz's husband went to offer Eid prayers at this time.

Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime and Obs) Kanak Kumar Das and Debiganj Thana police visited the spot after receiving the information. At this time, the police recovered a blood-stained knife from the side of the body.

Debiganj Police Station OC Sarkar Iftekharul Mokaddem confirmed the truth of the incident and said that the body was sent to Panchagarh Modern Sadar Hospital for autopsy. OC said that legal action will be taken in this incident.


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