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Monday, 15 July 2024
Momen launches 'e-Quality Centre' for Inclusive Innovation in New York

Momen launches 'e-Quality Centre' for Inclusive Innovation in New York

USA Bureau

Foreign Minister Dr A K Abdul Momen has launched 'e-Quality Centre for Inclusive Innovation' during a event on the sidelines of the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

The side event titled 'Envisioning a world with Zero Digital Divide through e-Quality Centre for Inclusive Innovation' has been organized jointly by Bangladesh foreign ministry and a2i project of the ICT Division, a foreign ministry press release said here today.

Ministers and high officials from Gambia, Uganda, Ghana, Somalia, São Tomé and Príncipe and United Nations Secretariat, senior officials from the Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the United Nations and a2i were present at the inaugural ceremony.

The goal of the e-Quality center is to eradicate the digital divide by leveraging South-South Cooperation. This flagship center proposed by Bangladesh will be working on the utilization of cutting-edge technology, research, and innovation to narrow this gap in Global South countries.

Its approach encompasses global technology transfer, policy research, and financial support, all aiming to create a digital future where no one is excluded.

In his remarks Dr Momen highlighted Bangladesh's journey towards digital empowerment, inclusive growth, and evolution from 'Digital Bangladesh' to 'Smart Bangladesh'.

He also emphasized the necessity of technology transfer, cooperation between the developing world, digital empowerment of all walks of society and the eradication of digital divide.

The foreign minister described the e-Quality center as an embodiment of Bangladesh's aspirations and a symbol of its commitment to a world where technology is an equalizer, and progress is a collective endeavor.

He also stated that the foreign ministry through its ICT and ITIT Wing has taken all measures necessary for fostering international collaborations, enabling the seamless integration of technology and innovation - so that the initiative becomes truly global in context and inclusive in nature.

This Centre will facilitate robust partnerships, ushered in investments, and championed the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, playing a crucial role in realizing the vision for a digitally inclusive Bangladesh and a digital divide free humankind.

Technical and operational aspects of e-Quality center were presented during the side event while ministers, high officials, and representatives of various UN organizations provided their observations on the endeavor.

They emphasized the necessity of inclusive distribution of technology, cooperation between the developed and developing countries and the challenges of the new digital reality.

They also expressed hope that e-quality center will be instrumental soon.

The winning Projects of International ICT Innovation (i3) Facility was awarded by the foreign minister.

State Minister for ICT, Zunaid Ahmed Palak gave closing remarks at the program.

In line with the inaugural program held in the UN headquarters, a virtual session with the participants from the United Kingdom was also organized.

Director General (ITIT/ICT) of Foreign Ministry Dr. Syed Muntasir Mamun and other officers from the ITIT/ICT Wing attended the session.

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